KENTA To Sign WWE Contract At Japanese Live Event

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Wrestling News World reader Hiroaki Kawafuji sent word that WWE Japan has announced that KENTA will sign his WWE contract at the July 12, 2014 live event in Osaka, Japan. This is the same news reported by Tokyo Sports over the weekend.

KENTA has long been rumored to be WWE bound since visiting the WWE Performance Center earlier this year. At the time, Triple H paid extra attention to KENTA's workout but was leaning towards not signing him because of how he felt after getting burned by Sin Cara. However, unlike Cara, KENTA is known for his humility.

We're told Daniel Bryan put in a good word for KENTA and recommended his signing. KENTA finished up with Pro Wrestling NOAH in May and has been waiting to sort out work visa issues.

  • Vic Jose

    Great here comes Taka Michinoku 2.0, lol. Seems WWE can never do anything right with any Japanese guy they sign, well aside from maybe Tajiri, but he never got a major push or anything.

  • The Shockmaster

    KENTA is brilliant. A KENTA/Bryan series would tear the house down. Some potential classics in the making if he’s used correctly.