Kevin Matthews Posts Photo That Is Certain To Get The Attention Of WWE (Explicit)

Former WWE developmental worker Kevin Matthews is not backing off Bill DeMott. On Wednesday, Matthews posted a photo on Twitter of what appears to be a naked wrestler giving another worker a stink face in the corner of the ring while DeMott stands on the outside at the old Deep South Wrestling training center.

Included with the photo is the following caption: "nothing like forcing your MALE TALENT TO TRAIN BUTT NAKED WHILE YOU WATCH AND LAUGH!"

You can view the explicit photo below:


WWE shut down DSW in 2007 and replaced it with their current Florida Championship Wrestling/NXT system. DeMott was let go once this was done but was brought back in 2011 for the revamped Tough Enough. He was promoted as the head trainer for WWE developmental in May 2012.

Last week, a disgruntled Matthews promised to expose DeMott.

  • Josh

    vince mcmahon probably encourages sophomoric stuff like that..

    • Richard Gray

      Hahaha #wouldntsurpriseme

    • Ken

      It wouldn't surprise me. It'll be some sort of childish hazing thing. It amazes me the type of crap that goes on in supposedly professional institutions and academic establishments in the name of tradition.

  • Stephen


  • Doug

    He is clearly wearing something if you study the photograph. Looks like a throwback to the Vito days at WWE. Everything old is new again.

    • Teddy

      Just making sure he doesn't get tea bagged 🙂 He is holding his junk

    • J-Dub

      Sorry not studding the photo that long, but glad you did. Thanks for the observation now go wash your eyes.

    • William Shatner

      The thing you think he's wearing is the shadow from the middle ring rope.

  • Robert

    Nothing to see here. Move along.

  • Winnipeg


  • Dave L

    wwe anti bullying campaign only looks good on paper

  • Criddler

    Ok well vince had how many wrestlers kiss his ass? dont see wwe caring too much about it.

  • todd

    Do we know who the two guys in this picture are?

  • Well, I guess I wont be finishing my breakfast sandwich…

  • Hitman310

    Vince probably wants ryback to train like that while he watches.

  • Maxx Stylez

    Richard, can you verify if his claim of 29 devolpmental stars being injured is factual?

  • dj ruud


  • Leo Devlin

    Bill Demot needs to get his ass whooped! Boy I’ll ya what if I was a trained anything, wrestler, MMA fighter, karate champion, Mabutu warrior from the booya tribe, whatever as long as I could whoop ass I would challenge Demot’s fat ass to a fight. This bitch deserves an ass whoop!

  • Miles

    Bill….you’re going to jail

  • Whammaster

    It makes me wonder if this was a rib played on the guy. Cuz that shit happens.

  • BigMike7302

    Bill is "old school" in which hazing was VERY common so something like that would not bother him and many of the wrestlers that have only been around for a few years that never had to deal with the territories and never had to learn respect or how to come up in the business "right" and this jackass Kevin was NOT TALENTED was a CRYBABY and he still is and just because he could not cut it in Pro Wrestling he thinks by doing this he will get a shot? NO COMPANY WILL TOUCH HIM AFTER THIS he has shot himself in the foot by being a little crybaby and what is he "exposing" EVERYONE ALREADY KNOWS ABOUT Bill DeMott its common knowledge about him and about hardcore Holly when he beat the hell out of a Wrestler during ToughEnough it is well known about these guys all Kevin has done is guaruntee he will not get to live his dream

  • PenguinD

    Yeah, because WWE’s anti-bullying program was around in 2006-2007 -_-

    It’s stupid, but a non issue now.

    • Mike Arienti

      Not having an official program at the time doesn’t make what happened the right thing to do.

  • Mark

    It's pretty clear in the picture that the guy has shorts on and just pulled them up his around his ass cheeks to impersonate the Rikishi "Stink Face" move as a joke/rib on his fellow class mate.

  • Kevin

    The guy on his feet isn't naked. Look at the photo closely; he's wearing a mawashi, a sumo wrestler's belt (you know, the diaper looking thing). This guy Kevin Matthews needs to get over himself. He's probably angry at Bill because Bill showed him how weak he was. So now he's trying to destroy Bill. Good luck with that, MORON!

  • Charlie

    Kevin is taking down a #Demottcracy. Pointless drills and stupid hazing doesn't make a good performer.