Kevin Nash Calls Roddy Piper A "Deranged Old Fool" That Got "Bitch Slapped"

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Roddy Piper and Kevin Nash have been going back and forth on Twitter over a backstage incident in WCW several years ago that Piper brought up on his podcast. Nash Tweeted in response to Piper stating that Nash went after him in the locker room but he countered with a single leg takedown.

This caused the following response from Nash:

Piper responded:

  • BIG M

    Pro Wrestlers are worse than schoolgirls sometimes.
    Nash, HotRod, X-Pac will you please all get over yourselves.

  • Michael Rubin

    nash is an asshole and roddy isnt a choir boy thats all that needs to be said

  • Dustyn

    Nash could also start his own podcast and have Piper on it. He could call it “The Quadcast.” lol

  • Whammaster

    What a shock that Eric,Hulk,Pac,and Scott watched Nash “supposedly” slap down Piper in a WCW locker room. I wonder if they were going over how to bury the roster.

  • Paul

    We all respect Roddy but let’s face it, he’s almost as big a fantasist as The Hulkster and sometimes as deluded as Eric Bischoff