Kevin Nash Comments On Scott Hall's Latest Problems

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Kevin Nash wrote the following on Twitter regarding the recent problems with Scott Hall:

  • Fernando

    I agree, only Scott can help Scott. But, does Scott WANT to help Scott? All signs point to no.

    • Hardy

      I agree, but it really doesn’t look like Scott wants to help himself. He just looks like he is selfdestructing, so sad who he was and now look. A shell off his former self is an understatement. I just hope he helps himself I really do.

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  • Tom

    Very well said. I myself battled a problem with alcohol for many years (have been clean since 2006), but ultimately, it was all on me to help ME, even though I had a strong support system. I did see an old AWA show some time ago that Scott was on. SO sad to see the now/then comparison. For his sake, I hope he does get clean and stay that way.

  • Ricky Valdez

    It’s more than addiction there has to be issues like depression other things that are just making him give up on life. I remember razor Ramon, one of my all time favorites, people have to help him along the way, he won’t be able to all on his own.

  • Kevin

    I have to agree with all of you. Scott is the only one who can help Scott at this time. He can't get clean until he admits that he has a problem and honestly seeks professional help. Based on what I read about his arrest, he isn't ready to get help yet; he told the cops he wasn't drunk and didn't attack his girl, when all the evidence pointed the other direction. He's obviously in denial, and until he comes out of it and admits to himself and his family that he's in deep trouble, he can't get clean. As I said in a comment on another story about Scott, I hope he gets the help he needs before the next headline reads: "Scott Hall found dead of apparent suicide."

  • Shawn

    Razors on the edge he should be under some type of supervision where he has to check in to a medical clinic every week nd produce a urine sample if he cannot pass then he must go to jail where he can get no alcohol nd that’s where he gets his help

  • michael v. torres

    He should seek help from people who care about him.

    • michael v. torres

      that he should seek help from alcoholics anonymous.

  • michael v. torres

    he needs to seek help from alcoholics anonymous.Everyone does need to pray for scott hall to receive a miracle.

  • Rob

    I’m big fan of Scott hall really like 2 se him make a come back and Kevin and Sean are awesome I’m bug fan hope and pray Scott gets better