Kevin Nash & DDP Back On The Same Page Regarding Scott Hall

Kevin Nash and Diamond Dallas Page are back on the same page (no pun intended) regarding the treatment of Scott Hall. In an about-face from his earlier comments, Nash wrote the following on Twitter:

We posted more details about why Nash shot back at DDP at this link.

  • Chris

    I understood his previous comment, the people who complained have likely never dealt with an addict. Good to hear, hope he pulls it off. If Page can help Hall he should be named Pope.

  • Nostaljack

    Good for Nash. Who cares what anyone else thinks? This has *nothing* to do with wrestling. This is about a man fighting for his life and a friend who could do little else but stand by and watch. Cheer Hall on and forget about everyone else.

  • I’m guessing DDP told Nash his intentions with Scott Hall

  • Bananaman

    He can’t help but get a dig in against “marks” can he? Vile little man.

    • Mark McMark

      He’s not exactly little… but I get what you’re saying.