Kevin Nash Finished Wrestling In WWE

Kevin Nash finished up as an active in-ring performer in WWE on last night's pay-per-view. Nash remains under a Legend's contract and can still be used, however, there are no plans for him to resume wrestling at this time. This is the reason for the stretcher angle that was done.

Below is a Tweet from Nash:

You can get my thoughts on Nash vs. Triple H at WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs at this link.

  • Tone

    when did he actually start “wrestling”? just asking

    • Patrick_Peralta

      September 14, 1990

  • hurrigame

    Nash done with wrestling? I got two words for ya: Thank God!

    • Malik

      I agree with you. He left several years ago. There was really no need for him to return

  • ptekin

    Holy crap why is everyone hating on nash, nobody ever bashs dumbass like foley hogan and flair , but the funny thing is no matter how much people hate on him hes laughing cuz hes making a shit load of money for not doing much

  • Bertie

    Nash looks in great shape compared to a few years ago. It would’ve been nice for him to create a new nwo kind of group and lead or advise it with a limited but occasional wrestling role. My fiancée calls him Kevin Tash due to the awful pencil tash on his goatee lol

  • chris b

    nash put a good effort and good match on

    • thatguy

      what the hell match did YOU watch?

      • Brandon

        The match was fun with the names involved, but hardly a classic.

      • diddy

        you are a troll the match could have been worse it could have been a straight one on one match atleast the stipulation made the match less of a train wreck what with Nash and his bad knees

  • Patrick_Peralta

    About time he got it in his head his time is over in the ring. He can all ways be a manager and still be part of Wrestling if he wanted to or GM a road agent or something so he doesn't have to wrestle but still be part of Wrestling.

  • Chad

    Could still be a phenomenal manager or on-screen mentor if they wanted to use him that way imo. When I actually used to watch TNA consistently his backstage segments with the x-division guys was great.

  • keagan

    The ending to that match to me was fantastic and Nash did a hell of a lot better than expected.

  • joe

    wouldnt mind seeing nash do a cm punk and go on commentary

  • Dave L

    IMO WWE screwed up w/ Nash. They should have better informed the new fans about who he was and packaged him accordingly. Dropping him in as Diesel and then as Kevin Nash is confusing, they could have waited until there was an NWO or WCW video in the works and then debut him, but he came on the scene with an angle with Punk then left then came back did an angle with HHH, and both were lack luster. Once again this is My opinion. He should have come back as a massive Heel not a border line heel/face, They brought the Rock back as the rock not Rocky.. just sayin'

    • Dave Barton

      I agree that the whole Nash thing was a cluster. It really seemed like it was just HHH & Nash wanting to have one last match together, but it was confusingly & poorly executed.

  • robert

    no reason to bash the guys because they did not put on a "classic" they went out to entertain and did the best they could do. props just for putting on a show and being able to do what most ppl could not do.

  • Jaryd

    Most people seem so convinced that it was gunna be a bad match that they've decided it was bad without really paying attention to it. It was actually very good, it obviously wasn't match of the night, but there was no way it ever could be. Pound for pound in terms of the age factor I'd say it was the 2nd best worked match behind the main event.

  • Jeremy

    When they say that Big Kev here is a guy who knows how to work smart and get paid for doing absolutely nothing, this is one of them. Now he gets paid simply for being under the Legend's contract whether he wrestle in-ring or not.