Kevin Nash Lobbies For Jeff Jarrett, Criticizes UFC Names In TNA, Talks Indy Shows Outdrawing TNA

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Kevin Nash had some pointed words for TNA Wrestling on Twitter early Thursday. Nash lobbied for Jeff Jarrett to "become part of the process" and criticized the company for bringing in former UFC names. He said he works indy shows "every weekend" that out draw TNA and talked WCW comparisons.

The following is from Twitter:

  • Terrance

    Nash was on the show I went to last weekend, and it definitely out drew TNA lol. Crazy when you think about it.

  • Redertainment

    I agree, to an extent, with Kevin Nash’s statement, except for the green screen comment. If TNA had utilized a green screen to make the crowd in the Impact Zone look larger, the IWC would have been heavily critical of TNA for doing it. The live tour crowds may not be better, both for TNA’s optics and for their bottom line, but at least the crowd look authentic. A green screen crowd would never have looked authentic.

  • LeftyTosser

    Typical Nash comments. The same story for over 20 years. He hasn’t been heard from in a while, hasn’t been on TV and it’s time to make sure folks remember who he is. Take it with a grain of salt. #feedtheego

  • Charles

    “Putting UFC guys in TNA makes less sense than putting TNA guys in UFC”. Preach on brother.