Kevin Nash Not Finished After All?; WWE's Latest "Injury Update"

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WWE posted an "injury update" on Kevin Nash on their official website. According to their update, following last night's WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs

This is much different than Nash's Tweet which suggested he was finished.

Click here to read WWE's full article.

  • DNP

    It was good to see some oldschool wrestlers last night was a decent match very happy

  • Dave

    Wow, Nash did a great job getting in shape for that match!!! My fiancée calls him Kevin Tash due too his horrific pencil tash it looked way better fuller!!!

  • Bertie

    Nash looks in great shape compared to a few years ago. It would’ve been nice for him to create a new nwo kind of group and lead or advise it with a limited but occasional wrestling role

  • Owen

    Bash seriously needs to stay the (expletive deleted) out of the ring.

    • Owen

      I meant Nash.

  • HPK

    No One is EVER Finished in the Wrestling Worlds !!!

  • Wayne

    Was great to see for nostalgia but that is all, not the best match but still better than I thought it was gonna be

  • Thomas H.

    After reading my fortune cookie a couple of days that said: "Don't be judgmental." And after I watched TLC last night, and saw a 52 Kevin Nash and 42 Triple H put on a entertaining 18-minute ladder match, I've decided not to judge older wrestlers any more.

  • Nick I.

    Hope to see Nash and hopefully hogan back one day to lead a young group of reformed nwo

  • Jeremy

    Although Nash was awesome on that last match, I still wish he would return as Diesel like he did back at the Royal Rumble 2011.