Kevin Nash Says HHH Is Like A Brother To Him, Won't Be At Raw's 20th, Will Never Go Back To TNA

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Kevin Nash wrote the following on Twitter early Saturday morning:

  • JD

    Bring back the nwo to feud with the shield!!

  • _JIM_

    Kevin Nash is by far and away one of the smartest people to ever be in the wrestling business. The guy definitely gets it. It would be cool to see a new nWo at some point, but with Kev in a Ted DiBiase type role. Not as an in-ring guy. He would be outstanding as a mouth piece for the group that occasionally gets phyically involved. Either Nash in that role or Hogan. I say Hogan just because I loved the Hollywood Hogan character. One of, if not the best heel character ever IMO. I hated that WWE turned him baby face so soon after they got there. That really bothered me, ans was really a let down because I thought that they could've done so much more with that original group than what they did.

  • Kleck

    I love to listen to him talk about backstage stuff to newcomers. He really gives you a great picture of how the pieces fall into the puzzle. I imagine the books Richard has spoken about on here do the same.

  • Maz

    Nash says wwe made him, then why did he jumps ships to wcw for a bigger paycheque. Nash isn’t a draw anymore, so great time to say HHH is a brother and wwe made him.

    They call him the smartest man is wrestle for a reason.

    • WWE DID make him, When he was a nobody on WCW before as OZ or Vinnie Vegas or Master Blaster, He became Diesel and a millionaire THEN WCW opened their check book and he went to the money and as he said he will never go back to TNA but he never stated that they were bad he expressed respect for DIxie Carter and the entire company, And HHH is one of his best friends HHH,HBK and Nash are all 3 closer than anyone else and Scott Hall and Sean Waltman were all Kliq together so everything he said was true and he was a very intelligent man ; he majored in Psychology in COllege at Tennessee, he placed 2nd in the Mr Basketball his senior year of high school in Michigan 1st place went to magic Johnson