Kevin Nash Says Social Media Is His PS3; Kelly Kelly Advertised For Next Week's Raw Supershow

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- Kevin Nash wrote the following on Twitter:

- Kelly Kelly, who has been off the road with WWE, is officially advertised for next week's Raw Supershow in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

  • Lenny

    Everything The Ultimate Warrior has said about Nash is completely true! Nash is the biggest douchebag in the wrestling history!

    • John

      Completely disagree. Nash is having fun at the expense of all the smarks out there in social media land.

      • search4theyeti

        If anyone would believe that WWE would let him tweet that if it were true…..

  • Daniel

    She was advertised for last night's Raw also so it's not like this is news tbh

  • AnacondaVise

    "Kevin Nash? OMG! I thought he was dead."


    CM Punk's sister

    • A2H

      Actually it goes like this:
      OMG Kevin Nash! WTF I thought he was dead!! LOL
      Punks sister

  • Kevin Nash needs to realize that social media helps promote businesses including WWE. Which means, social media contributes to Kevin Nash's cheques.

  • ptekin

    Ya ultimate worrior sits at home infront of the computer dissing everybody who is the real douchebag

  • Jim P

    Kevin Nash is boasting about his IQ? Has anyone else noticed that Stephen Hawking never feels the need to discuss how smart he is?

  • RaiderM

    Cm punks Owns Nash lol

    • carlos

      CM Punk owns all though.

  • Blazeking

    He trolled hard; last line especially. Basically what he said in long form was "I know that every time I tweet stuff like this, you'll all get mad at me and rage type instead of just laughing at me. Come on, you've *got* to know I'm doing this on purpose just to keep you talking."

    Why do you think he doesn't take the knee jokes to heart? He's a professional troll! Still a douche though :p

  • Stan smith

    The wwe has been around long before the twitter and face craze and if the wwe network doesnt fail it will be around long after. Wwe doesnt need twitter to promote for them

  • Crossbonez

    Kevin Nash is an asshole who, now that he irrevelant, does whatever he can to try and matter. When he came back, months ago, CM Punk owned his old crusty ass on the mic. Nash came back long enough to botch a finish on HHH and look very OLD in the ring. I honestly think the man has gone crazy due to all the roids he has done. He just needs hire a lawyer to sue his legs for support and go away! (Warrior WAS right about Nash, and he is definately an attention starved cry baby bitch!)

  • Tray jay

    What’s your online name