Kevin Nash Says The WWE Hall Of Fame Means Nothing To Him; Says One Of His Dearest Friends Was Released From WWE Yesterday

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Kevin Nash had some fun on Twitter late last night/early this morning. In a series of Tweets, Nash expressed disinterest in the WWE Hall of Fame and said one of his dearest friends was "let go" from WWE. The following is from Nash's official account:


    No, adults know it’s part of the business and life. Firings happen, get over it

  • Andrew

    Kevin Nash is a 1st ballot Hall of Famer… Hands Down!!

  • Joe O.

    I wonder who. Any speculation?

  • Ricky Valdez

    I would not pass up the wwe HOF if I had the career Nash did in wwe/wcw, hopefully he changes his mind if not his loss.

  • Ian P.

    So does he want to get released from his Legends Contract since they don't use him in the ring anymore?

  • Angel Psymon

    Who is the friend to whom he is referring?

  • Steveo_sm

    Kevin Nash is a legend

  • Who was let go?

  • JakShowtime

    He still has friends?

  • iCareWay2much

    This is one of the most obvious and insulting works to date. Kendall Jenner and Nash at SummerSlam.

  • John

    Hahahahahahaha Nash is highlarious when drunk!

  • Chris

    Ah, nice to see there’s some bitterness still in Nash.

  • sharon

    I have to agree with Kevin Nash. what I think he is saying is ….(and correct me if i am wrong)…is that there are more important things in life than recognition…like …Friendship which is priceless and means something to people.

    • Hardy

      I completely agree with Sharon, I think he appreciates other things in life to fulfill his happiness. If others can’t respect or understand that then its a tad harsh to judge him by the comments.

  • AntGilroy

    He shouldn’t be in at all he was never really good

  • Wendy

    Spoken like someone who knows he's hasn't done anything good enough to warrant a place in the Hall of Fame…sorry, never been a Nash fan, don't intend to start being one, and certainly won't be changed into one when he thinks it appropriate to behave like a child by tweeting that.

    • ol skewl fan

      Are you talking about the same Kevin Nash that was the third Triple Crown Champion in history, the same guy that was a WWE Champion, Intercontinental Champion, 2x WWE tag team champion, 5 time WCW champion,9time WCW tag champion, and part of one of the biggest storylines in wrestling history, sure he may not be the greatest worker but the man has made history in the business.

  • Kleck

    He’s too old for that s#&%!

  • Jim

    Too old? What? Didn’t realize age had anything to do with being inducted into the H.O.F. Seems to me like most inductees are Nash’s age, or even older.

  • Brandon

    Pardon my ignorance, but who is this "friend" that was released from WWE that Nash was talking about?

  • Kevin

    I'm not sure Kevin Nash would have been inducted into the HOF anyway. He's done some things during his career, and held quite a few titles, but I'm not sure he's what Vince would consider "HOF material". It's a moot point anyway; after those tweets, he'll never be inducted.

  • Adam

    HOF material is Mike Tyson and Drew Carry. WWE doesn't even take it seriously.