Kevin Nash Says Top Rope Not At Fault, Marvin Ward Lied & Withheld Payment

In a follow-up to our Sunday report about Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman blasting Top Rope Pro Wrestling over compensation for last weekend, the issue has apparently been resolved.

In a new Tweet, Nash says the promotion was not at fault but staff member, Marvin Ward, lied and withheld payment. His Tweet is below:

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  • Patrick

    Tope Ropes side of the story is they paid Nash for his time on monday the 8th and the Check was cashed before the event on Friday the 12th……….so for Nash to say he was n’t paid sounds like a lie.

  • Tim Powling

    Did you consider getting in touch with the employee, or promotion, to get a well-rounded story? I, like many, appreciate seeing what the wrestlers have to deal with on a daily business. To my detriment, I probably find stories like this more interesting than positive ones. However, increasingly, the speed in which a story is reported seems more important than the precious in-and-outs of the details.
    A story like this is a perfect starting point for a prospective journalist. The promotion would likely be open to a transparent effort to show a two-sided story. The indie’s are very rarely reported on positively, and increasingly wrestlers have the upper hand in holding public media power. Now, all we have are a tirade of tweets containing inflammatory and possibly slanderous snippets of anger from a few disgruntled wrestlers. Without speaking to anyone else on the show, fans, or organizers, WnW certainly risks a little integrity. Not only is integrity at risk, but an opportunity to enhance credibility is being wasted. And dare I say, most importantly, promotions are surely at risk of failing if their likely customers are being turned by remarks that they have no ability or platform to redress. Without these regional promotions, we are going to have the product that we greatly appreciate, severely damaged.
    The fact that WnW does not normally report independent wrestling is no excuse for reporting it badly, albeit, on occasion. If a story is going to be run, it should be done properly. As I said, to do otherwise is a disservice to both the people being unrepresented and the website in general. Even if the promotion refused to talk, a “the promotion did not return our request for comment” would have sufficed. All we have here is a series of “cut and paste” tweets. I am not saying that the wrestlers were or are wrong; I would just like to make my own mind up based on both sides of the story. I hope WnW is not aspiring to be the first website people go to for breaking news, but rather, the last website wrestling fans need to access to find out all the details

    • Richard

      First off, don’t post he exact same comment in both disqus and Facebook. Really annoying to read it once, let alone twice. Second, top rope clearly has the same platform to comment as the wrestlers did: it’s called Twitter. Lastly, WNW isn’t risking integrity by posting what they did. The headline clearly stated what Nash and Xpac were Tweeting about, nothing more nothing less. And when was the last time a promoter talked to a wrestling site other than to try and promote their show? Practically never. So you and people like you need to stop telling Richard how to run his business as I doubt you know how to. Fuck you trolls are annoying.

    • frenchfry

      too long didnt read

      • Tim Powling

        Haha. Fair.

      • Nostaljack

        Then don’t comment…

  • Tim Powling


    You’re absolutely right. I am sorry if I annoyed you, or upset Richard. I will keep my troll-like comments to myself from now on. I will try and contact all the people like me, also, and tell them to keep their comments to themselves too. I hope we can still be friends.