Kevin Nash Update, Evan Bourne's Injury, Lesnar vs. Triple H

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- Kevin Nash is in Venice shooting scenes for an upcoming episode of Celebrity Ghost Stories for A&E.

- Evan Bourne continues to rehab his foot from his Lisfranc injury. He has a doctor's appointment on Thursday to follow-up on his progress.

- Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H was not officially announced for Wrestlemania 29 on this week's WWE Raw. The development is that Paul Heyman said they would accept if Hunter agreed to their stipulation for the bout.

  • I think Heyman said “stipulations” which could mean more than one. I would like to see them force HHH into a submission match as well as him putting his career on the line.

  • Jay Riverz

    Heyman will become the RAW GM. He always glorified that position. Plus i think he would bring that back to life….. Hey..Im a Heyman Guy

  • Nostaljack

    Who’s Evan Borne? Oh wait, I remember him; he’s the spice head who threw his career away.

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if the stipulation is in the octagon

  • Is Bourne still under WWE contract? It’s been soo long that he’s been inactive.

  • soulfool

    Kevin Nash will probably talk about the vanilla midget spirit that kicked his ass w/ less moves than were ever in his arsenal !!! ROTFGL !!! Probably The Ghost of Eddie Guerrero !!! Fuckin’ Cheese-Ball !!!