Kevin Nash's Family Vacation Falls On 1000th Raw; CM Punk & Lita Attend Celebrity Bowling Tournament

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- Kevin Nash noted on Twitter he'll be on his family vacation when the 1000th episode of Raw Supershow take place. Nash Tweeted that family comes first after "20+ years."

- WWE Champion CM Punk and former WWE Diva Lita joined retired Chicago Cubs pitcher Kerry Wood Wednesday night at his seventh annual Strike Zone Celebrity Bowling Tournament. The Chicago Tribune has coverage including quotes from Punk where he talks about his new DVD. Click here to read it.

  • Kevin Nash is taking his family on vacation to Raw. His family being the nWo.

    • nWo 4 Life

      I agree… Would be awesome to see nash, hall and waltman come out for one night.

  • Thebigbowboskie

    I thought Nash had no kids

    • chelu671

      Nash had a son with his wife of 20 years in 1996. They had an off/on relationship. I’ve heard they live in Florida.

  • Dave

    Fair enough to Nash. Nice to see his priorities are right

  • Monty

    I believe he will be on raw this is just to mess with us lol

  • _JIM_

    Nash has at least one son who has to be around 16 by now. If not older. There’s no way that he will ever convince me that if WWE had actually called for him to appear on the 1,000th RAW that he wouldn’tve cancelled that family vacation so quick all their heads would’ve spun. Honestly I’d be surprised if they didn’t have him on the show. You’d think that anyone under contract would be there. Whether its a current Superstar under contract or somebody like Nash who’s under one of those legend’s deals.

  • havoc525

    That’s cool of Nash, but remember, he DOES play people on twitter as well.

  • Ralphus

    Nash has a son. I know that much. I however have learned never to trust anything he says, especially on the internet!

  • olskewl fan

    I was working in catering backstage at WM in Orlando a few years ago and Kevin Nash who at the time was with TNA was there backstage with his son who shared his size, I saw Kevin and his son talking with VKM, I would take a wild ballpark estimate that he was 16 or 17 then.

  • Kevin

    I'm all for family first, Kevin. It's a shame that your vacation couldn't be a week sooner, or be postponed for a week, though. Would really be nice to see you reunited with "The Band" again. Although I'm not sure Scott Hall would show up if he were invited, not sure if XPac is invited, not sure what your relationship with Shawn Michaels and HHH is right now. So maybe it's best that you'll be on vacation with your family at that time after all.

  • Lenny

    Nash might still have a hellava look but he’s the biggest douchebag in the wrestling biz today!

  • Hardy

    Just remember what he said a few weeks ago! Social networking is his PS3 or something like that, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he appeared. This is likely to be a load of rubbish, he’s more likely to go on holiday after the raw show.