Kevin Nash/Wrestlemania XXVIII Update – Personalized Video Autographs On Sale

Kevin Nash asked us to post the following:
Kevin Nash ‘Mania Update, Personalized Video Autographs On Sale
If you’re heading to Miami for WrestleMania 28, Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman will be hosting their second annual pre-party that Friday night. The party will be at Oceans Ten and starts at 8pm. Come party with Nash, Waltman and a host of other superstars, including Billy Gunn, Sunny, Harry Smith, Robbie E and more! Details and tickets can be found at
What if you’re not headed to WrestleMania?
Kevin Nash will be filming a limited number of personalized videos while he’s in Miami. Select buyers can receive a video directly for them from Kevin Nash, plus you’ll get a free autographed 8×10 with every purchase. There’s only 50 available so be sure to order yours today!
Have Nash say whatever you want! Ask him any questions you have! Get him to record a birthday message for a friend or relative! It’s YOUR video to do with whatever you want. Email[email protected] for more information. to order yours today and remember, there’s a very limited number available, so don’t miss out on your very own personalized video and autograph by WWE superstar, Kevin Nash!
  • MonsterMike42

    Video is a little old as I'm pretty sure he cut his hair recently.