Kevin Rudolf To Perform At SummerSlam

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WWE announced on dot com that Kevin Rudolf will perform "Don't Give Up" at SummerSlam on Sunday. The song is the official theme song of the show.

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  • iamjohnnymcb

    for godsakes no…

    please wwe do not mix wrestling with something else

    we could have atleast a 10 min match instead of kevin rudolf and his untalented ass

  • ChromeyDaniels

    These are very dull. Always. Cee lo last time? No pop. No nothing. If you’re gonna do a song on a WWE stage I think you need more pizazz to your performance. Some good lighting cues REAL dancing. That would be a performance.

  • Esteban Ortiz

    I’m sick of all this hip-hop/techno/dance/dubstep cr*p that took over WWE. Back in the early 2000’s they actually had some good rock, and that actually fit with the theme of guys beating each other up. But Kevin Rudolf? Is this a wrestling show, or the Jersey Shore? Come on! Give me a break.

    • Who?

      Exactly what I was thinking!!! I hate this kind of music.

  • smithmiester

    What ever happened to good old fashioned wrestling?

  • Stooooo

    ^^^ totally agree!! I remember when drowning pool or saliva would have the theme song to a ppv and it sucks when they stop for a “performance” only Motörhead should be allowed to perform when hhh enters

  • Autista

    I can’t take much more of WWE, what the hell has happened? It’s almost heartbreaking seeing it fall into such a slump. Merrr..

    If TNA ever had a chance, this may possibly it while Linda is running for senate..

  • Jackleson45

    I think the theme song should be “Suger, We’re Going Down” by Fall Out Boy or “Kyoto” by Skrillex. Those are good songs.

  • Dom

    I actually enjoy these types of breaks, especially the recent Mania performances.

  • Ethan

    Yes I’ll b there for the fourth year in a row!

  • Steven

    Everyone’s a critic. They still entertain you week in and week out. Im still hooked on RAW every week.

  • WWE has the money to overpay divas like Brock, Dwayne…you can’t spend decent money on a top name synonymous with music? Or their genre at least?