Kevin Steen Finishing Up With Ring Of Honor

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Ring Of Honor announced today that Kevin Steen will be finishing up with the company. As we announced here on WNW, Steen is expected to go to WWE NXT and participate in the new season of Tough Enough. Below are the final three dates and matches he will be participating in.

July 12th in Minneapolis, Minnesota: vs. Tommaso Ciampa for the first, and possibly only, time ever at ROH Aftershock.

July 18th in Cincinnati, Ohio: vs. Silas Young in a No Disqualification match!

July 19th in Dearborn, Michigan: vs. Steve Corino. Corino was Steen's former mentor and tag team partner, so this is going to be a very fitting end for Steen's ROH career!

  • Rich

    Last season of Tough Enough, they eliminated M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross and kept a guy to be a ticket taker before firing them… yeah, I don’t have much hope for Kevin Steen on another season of it.

    • jdl

      Keep in mind that this new season of Tough Enough is apparently going to center around the struggles of a select group of NXT workers instead of being a typical elimination style reality show. The workers will already be under contract if that’s true.

      • ldb

        I know. I just meant the show hasn’t produced big stars, and I don’t feel HHH does a fair job in his own evaluation of talent and what they can be.

    • ldb

      I agree the picks from the show are a joke. They do as bad as gut check or worse. Remember Maven? Most probably barely do. Remember last winner. I don’t with out a reminder. I m a big Steen fan but HHH will work to bury him if he makes it. He’s doesn’t have the look HHH requires to be a A+ player.

  • _JIM_

    It’s A shame a guy as talented as Steen has to go through some B.S. reality show just for a shot at getting signed. This is why the territories being gone is so bad. All the best talent used to get cherry picked from the territories, but now it’s just a mess.