Kevin Steen Gets Into It With Fans Following Ring Of Honor "Boiling Point"

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For those that didn't order Saturday night's Ring of Honor "Boiling Point" iPPV, the broadcast ended with a fan shoving ROH Champion Kevin Steen and Steen retaliating by slapping the fan across the face.

Another fan spit on Steen and Steen reportedly struck him as well. The two fans were not believed to be planted and one man had a bloody lip.

  • Elto

    Ouch. That sounds bad. I wonder if Steen might be at the end of his main event run. As talented as he is, he made the company look horrible.

  • BlazeKing

    Good. Those are the idiots who think just because its scripted that the wrestlers cant actually fight. SMH. Warning slaps should be legal.


    Don’t touch the wrestlers you losers unless you want to bleed.

  • Dave Barton

    Rule #1 on being a fan at a wrestling show…you don't put your hands on a performer in an aggressive manner.

  • Topherrulez

    Steen is GREAT at what he does!

  • CptCrunchy

    I find this hilarious. Kevin Steen doesn't take crap even out of character, so why would any fan think they could get away with messing with him like that?

  • Malice

    Great way to keep yourself in the indies, Steen! Vince wouldn't hire anyone that would disrepect the fans… Except Punk… and Bigelow… and Daniel Bryan… and Nash… and Jericho… and Knobbs… and Saggs… and Scott Steiner… Okay, actually it looks like you could have a guaranteed job 'Up North'!

  • Kevin

    Look, it's simple: don't touch the talent, they won't touch you. If you're aggressive toward them, they have the right to defend themselves. Being mouthy is one thing; no talent should be allowed to physically retaliate if a fan spouts a few nasty words their way. But if a fan puts his hands on a talent in an aggressive manner, it goes from being a show to being real life, and that talent should be allowed to defend himself. Spitting can be even more dangerous than punching; AIDS has been shown to be spread through saliva. The talent is sometimes cut during a match, so if an AIDS infected fan spits on a talent's open wound, that could be deadly. I think Steen was right in doing what he did, and I hope he doesn't suffer any career damage as a result.