Kevin Steen's Attack On Fans After ROH "Boiling Point" An Angle

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The "fans" that Kevin Steen got into it with at the end of Saturday night's Ring of Honor "Boiling Point" were in fact plants, we are now able to confirm. The two "fans" were actually students of "Brutal" Bob Evans and worked all night in order to blend in with the audience.

  • Wow. Something semi-interesting happened at a PPV I couldn't see for a company I only semi- care about.
    Also, where are my Chikara Pro results?

    • havoc525

      So you feel compeled to comment on.a story about a company you “semi-care about,” then ask for results from a company nobody else even remotely cares about?

  • Patrick Peralta

    I knew they were plants before the news broke…I was watching the show ……….it was obvious….ROH has enough problems at the moment they don't need a lawsuit on top of it.