Kharma Gone From WWE?

Kharma's WWE status has been called into question after her Twitter profile was moved to the company's Alumni list. Her profile is also not featured in the Divas section over on dot com. Kharma responded to the change with the following Tweets:

  • Voice of Wrestling

    did she even have one match?

  • Charles

    Oh well that’s a shame if it’s true. I hope it’s a work but, I wouldn’t blame her after what she went through.

  • Christ 4 Life

    She needs to come back to beat Beth once, then leave…

  • Aldin94

    Back to TNA?!? 🙂

  • BClegg

    its featured in the superstars section on

  • Maz

    She has herself to blame

    • Sam the. Man.

      WHAT !!!!

    • Guy Landau


    • Tony P.

      How she have herself to blame u idiot?

    • Nameless1


    • Patrick Peralta

      Are you kidding? she's not to blame.

    • XKonn247

      I really hope you suffer half her shit. Then come back and say thaT. Sick bastard.

  • Simon Veitch

    I certainly hope this is a work, but at the same time given all that Kharma has been through I would not be terribly surprised if this were the case. Either way I wish her all the best with whatever happens and maybe one day she'll reappear in the WWE to tear the place down like she was originally intended to do.

  • Jas

    Um, they must've changed it. Just went to and she's in the Superstars section (as she always was… she was never in the Diva's section, for the record) and she's NOT in the Alumni section. So, either this story isn't true, it's a work… or they just haven't officially announced it yet.

  • jdl

    The question is why put someone who has about 20 minutes total TV time onto your Alumni page? That makes no sense at all.

  • Daniel Robertson

    Probably to bring her back for 1000 episode. McMahon wants it to be monumental and do anything to throw people off of possible returns.

  • Wwe4L76

    OMG… Tired of WWE…

    John cena, ugly ginger and cm punk = male wrestlers
    Stupid models = divas

    Thats all There is to it. Sry, but WWE suck balls

    • lukeheffernan

      So why is your name WWE4L76?
      Assuming that ‘4L’ stands for ‘for life’
      Stop attention seeking.

    • Daniel Lim'ass

      I assume you're a TNA mark? is Robbie E is your favorite wrestler? And Sting vs Jeff Hardy at Victory Road 2011 is your all time favorite TNA match?

      TNA is great!

      • Wwe4L76

        Thx both of you.

        4L76 is just random, so no, it not “4 life”.

        And no, I dont warch TNA. Only Wwe. But I have almost stoped watching WWE as well. Watch it maby 1 time a month. I just use this page + som other pages to see if i miss something, and It seems like I dont have missed out on anything. Wwe just suck balls harder and harder

        • Bob

          Someone's coming across as an immense pratt, isn't he?

      • Guy Landau

        Robbie E is a great wrestler, no need to diss him.

  • ……the hell?

  • Johnyfaction3

    Her profile was never in the Divas section. It has always been in the superstars one and it still there. It seems like a mistake in WWE behalf and she is just having fun with it.

  • Lewis

    must have been a mistake as she's not there anymore…

  • Fernando

    On the official WWE site, Kharma is still listed as a regular roster member, not an alumna. But when you click on 'Divas', she's not on the list. Kinda weird.

  • Bryan

    If this is true…wow what a let down.

  • Noah

    Well there Go’s the divas divisob

  • JFetch

    It was a goof because someone at messed up.

  • Robert olley

    Can’t be right I’m assuming if she’s left wwe she’s retiring from wrestling because she had been trying for years to get in

  • Jordan


  • eskymi

    This stinks. I was really looking forward to her coming back as she's one of the few woman that can actually wrestle. Would have loved seeing her and Beth or Natalya. Hopefully this is a work!!!!!!!!!!

  • Todd

    Ugh worst!

  • AntGilroy

    Future Endevored…

  • David F

    I am praying that this is a work. Doesn't Vince like making $$$???

  • Moved to the Alumni section as she's the next person to kick Heath Slater's ass?

  • Nick

    Here I was hoping a feud with Sara del Rey in the future.

  • orangeman8892

    Put money on a total work !!!!!

  • Kevin

    Vince really knows how to work us, doesn't he? He's got us all riled up on a star we barely saw in the WWE just by changing her status from superstar to alumni. Now he can bring her in and everybody will go nuts over her. Smart move, Vince, smart move.