Kharma Not At Raw Supershow; Update On One Of WWE's Top Divas

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Kharma wasn't backstage at last night's WWE Raw Supershow and was actually visiting her old publicist Shannon Rose at Morton Plant Hospital in Clearwater, Florida.

At this point it's unknown when Kharma is going to return full-time to WWE television.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    I hope she returns soon

  • Jim

    PLEASE COME BACK SOON! The Diva’s are just horrible, and I was enjoying Karma’s story-line before she left. Hopefully they pick it back up. Judging by what Beth said on last night’s show with her “nobody can beat me” speech, they could be setting up for Karma to do just that. Anything is better that Natalia farting.

  • Alex Rodriguez

    The way they have been booking Beth Phoenix lately really indicates that a feud between her abd Kharma is in the works most definitely! I’m amazed at Kharma because she recently had the baby and when she returned at the RR she looked like she never left. I feel if WWE does this right, Kharma is gonna save this poor excuse for a women’s division.

  • Jas

    This is one of the most obvious things WWE has done in awhile… at least on paper. Of course, they might switch it up… but last night's RAW definitely set the stage for what everyone wants: Beth Phoenix vs Kharma at Wrestlemania.

    They started a couple weeks ago with Beth getting minute-or-less-long victories over whoever she faced… and they even incorporated her not wanting to tag with Natalya anymore, last week on Smackdown. So, she's a lone Diva, pulling the "There's no competition for me anymore" card.

    Well, she's never faced Tamina… so Tamina is the perfect pre-Wrestlemania fodder. Look for Tamina to pick up a few more wins in the next week or two and ultimately call out Beth and the two will have a match at Elimination Chamber.

    Beth will win that match and the next night on RAW, she'll cut a promo, claiming that there is absolutely no one in the WWE she hasn't beat. Cue Kharma's music and the Wrestlemania feud will begin. Though it seems obvious, it doesn't make me any less excited to see this feud come together!!

    • Lenny

      Wow! You should be a booker!!

    • MonstaHeel 450

      I say FATAL 4-WAY: BETH versus KHARMA versus TAMINA versus NATALYA. For the Divas Title at Wrestlemania…. Booked as a possible 3rd bill, somewhere behind ROCK/CENA match and whatever Smackdown makes as their main event.

      • Kelly

        I say triple threat. Drop Natalya

  • Kleck

    Hopefully Beth can put on an entertaining match with Kharma rather than breaking noses

  • Christen

    well at this point it is understandable if she doesn't come back full time since she has a newborn at home