Kharma Quietly Released From WWE

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WWE has quietly released Kharma, moving her profile to the Alumni section of dot com. You can view it at this link.

While I have not been specifically told WWE has released her, everything indicates that her brief and limited stint in the company has ended.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Fernando for his help with this information.

  • Stephen

    Total BS, so damn pissed if this is not a work somehow…… WWE Is really trying to get rid of their fans now arent they….. Very upsetting…..

    • AB4

      Or perhaps it's a mutual decision, given the terrible loss she suffered. Wrestling may be the furthest thing from her mind at this time and that's completely understandable, so fair enough they might part ways for now with the door left open for a return at a later date.

      • Callum

        Terrible loss??? She left because she was pregnant!

        • Philg

          She lost the baby sadly so I’m sure that would take a mental toll on someone.

        • Blake

          No she had a miscarriage

  • Christ 4 Life

    that sucks MAJORLY!

  • Steve l

    Please Please come back to Impact !!!


  • snuggle

    That’s sad news to hear, she is so talented. I really wish she could’ve had a nice run in wwe. She never even had a match, but given what she’s been through I hope she can make a great comeback and take the divas division to new heights.

  • W…T…F

  • Dave Barton

    Definite this time? I mean, there's been a lot of back-and-forth the past couple days on this.

  • PainOfDemise

    Well that sucks. She never even had a match. Not sure why she should be in the Alumni section, Snooki even at least had a match.

  • Brandon, South Africa


  • Logan_Walker

    Not Even a Match (Other Than Royal Rumble Appearnece)

  • Chris

    If this is true, I hope its a case of her being released so she doesn't feel the pressure of being under contract and feeling compelled to come back to work. I hope WWE have done this purely to allow her time to recover from the saddening events in her life this year and I hope she will be back in her own time.

    Best wishes Kharma! Hope we see you again!

    • Exactly this. We don’t know the whole story, she might have requested a release. She’s the most recognizable female talent today, it seems rediculous that WWE wouldn’t want her.

  • Jamie

    Is it not a play?

  • havoc525

    Doesn’t matter, if you’re watching wrestling for the women’s matches, you’ve got problems already.

    • Brian

      She could have changed that for alot of people…

  • BClegg

    it has not been officially announced can be storyline related hopefully

  • BigMattZ

    After what she's been through it's not surprising. I wish her well and hope to see her in a ring again in the future.

  • I don't trust this at all. There is no official statement that Kharma got released. If she was released we would of had that "Good luck in your future endeavors" statement. There is nothing. I say they are silently playing this down to get people ticked off that Kharma isn't coming back and to surprise us with her return at a PPV like Money in the Bank.

    • ZackPack

      Exactly. I’ll wait until I see that before I believe anything.

  • A.J.

    I think it’s a work to make her return on the 1000th raw more unexpected.

  • Bault16

    Good thing I don’t care about any divas.

  • mathew30

    so lets see, all that hype over her arriving, she then i think less than 2 weeks later goes on leave because she falls preggers. shes then away for ages, comes back for one episode, goes away again for a period of time, arrives at i think the royal rumble, goes again, and then we see her back starring down some of the divas and then goes again…. what an utter waste of air time that somebody with some reliability could have gained.

    • Chris

      Go away, look at the events of this year, then get some perspective and realise there is more to life than how many times you have seen her on tv

      • mathew30

        why would i need to go away to get a perpesctive on life to understand how badly she was booked and how useless the whole karma thing was. and it went both ways, bad booking, 1 match if you could call it that, and on her part was getting signed and then going away becuase she fell preggers and yes i am very sorry for her situation with her kid i truly am. so its not just when she was on tv but off, but you seem to only gain a perspective of what i wrote and only saw what you wanted, Personally i didnt see where all this hype came from, except shes a very big girl with some strength, that was it. maybe my view of her may have changed if this whole start to finish wasnt so screwed up by both parties.

  • Patrick Peralta

    I knew this would happen

  • Alex P

    Ugh! I was really fearing this! I hope they can bring her back in the future…I really wanted to see Kharma vs Beth!

  • Hitman310

    I can understand why some of you would be upset but come on. There is no legit female wrestling in WWE. Sure a match with beth phoenix would of been great but after that then what? They honestly cant promote her like they do their other divas.

  • Silver

    Maybe this is a good thing. Given how WWE books their Divas, do we really want to see what they'd do to her? She'd have a good run one month, then the next would go under someone like Alicia Fox in 10 seconds for no reason.

  • Robert olley

    Ive a feeling this is a work and shell make a surprise return on the 1000th raw

  • Aldin94

    She’s going back home! TNA!!!

  • Andy

    YES! YES! YES! Now more time for models who cant wrestle or even act like the character they were given, who are only good at standing around looking good, WOOOHOOO!!!!!! If this is true so much for a revival of the divas division, who is sara del rey going to wrestle kelly kelly…..ya no thank you.

  • Niall

    who would she wrestling anyway!

  • Zatch

    I actually had the honor of meeting kharmas husband and he told me to stay tuned and that she was planing something big so I hope this is a work and we see what kharma has in store!!!

  • steve2

    Calm down people. She might be trying to get pregnant again. That’s definitely within the realm of possibility…

    • Ken

      I'll never get that image out of my mind now. Cheers, dude.

      • Callum

        Hahaha lol

  • Christopher K.

    Is it me or is WWE the dumbest company in history(Besides Walmart) or is Vince the dumbass here…Kharma is their best Diva talent…..WWE doesnt know how to use the talent they have and they keep letting go of the talent they actually have.Kharma should go home to TNA and go back to Awesome Kong…..WWE Sucks Sometimes.

  • Kevin

    I still say Vince is working us. He's getting the fans all worked up over the "release" of Kharma so that when he brings her back, we'll be that much more excited to see her. I won't believe she's actually gone from the WWE until I see her show up in TNA.