Kharma Returning To WWE TV "Soon"

Kharma was asked on Twitter last night when she would be returning to WWE television.  She answered by saying "soon."

Aside from her appearance in the 30-man Royal Rumble match in January, Kharma has been off WWE television for nine months on maternity leave.  While she delivered her baby at the end of December, she wasn't ready to return full-time when she participated in the Royal Rumble match but agreed to do it as a surprise entrant.

  • chelu671

    I wish all is well for Kharma.

    However, Iike many others, would like to see Beth Phoenix v Kharma for the Divas Title at Wrestlemania.
    2 of the best women's wrestlers in the industry competing for the top Women's title of the world. I drool just thinking about it.

    • Mike

      I'd love to see Beth/Kharma also, for the reasons you mention.
      It would be a great match on a great stage, unfortunately made completely irrelevant in the long term due to the piss poor way the WWE treats women's wrestling. It would mean a lot more if the WWE treated its female athletic talent (I'm not using the term Divas) with the respect they deserve.

    • Leg on the bottom rope, again

      As bubba says…. Who cares about hati and karma!

      • AJG316

        Nice name buddy where did u get from bubba

    • Vishino123

      That would be perfect but i also with Chyna would come back that would be cool also Chyna that no woman could beat vs kharma

  • JJC

    WWE could do an amazing thing with kharma, Beth pheonix & natalya. That could make a great storyline & it’s really what the fans want! Yet however WWE aren’t listening to their fans, when they say they do? I really could do a whole lot better running the division myself. If kharma doesnt return soon, she’s going to be forgotten! I hope to see her soon! But if it goes to AFTER Wrestlemania, then im not going to even think about her. I really do hope for the best for her & Jamie (her son) but she shouldnt have even came back for the Royal Rumble.. I automaticlly thought she was back for good, again I was wrong. But if anything, I’d hope to see a divas championship match at wrestlemania between natayla & Beth pheonix, with khamra returning after the match to attack them both. I don’t see a Khama & Pheonix match anytime soon though.

    • British bulldog forever

      You say she should be back soon or else everyone will forget about her, then say she shouldn’t of made an appearance at RR. Kinda contradictory don’t ya think???

      • JJC

        She shouldnt have ‘returned’ for such a short time, c’mon 3minutes! I would have probably liked her more if she didn’t begin WWE in the first place. Starting new after wrestlemaina would have went more smooth. Not debuting, then leaving in a short space of time.
        Even if it wasn’t her fault.

        • XKonn247

          I’d like to see you give birth then wrestle a one hour match a month later

          • JJC

            That’s the point, she shouldn’t have done it! God, it’s not like I’m saying she should have kept wrestling while being pregnant!

  • Maz

    It wud be great but u have to earn it.
    I can’t be number one contender by giving birth.

    Eve, and Natalya have worked hard

  • Zach

    I don’t see Kharma vs Beth at wrestlemania. Although, I do see her appearing after the divas match

    • JJC

      But WWE pushes the wrong divas, it was like 3weeks before Elimanation Chamber when they pushed tamara snuka. Back in the day, you’d have to be on a good winning streak & involved in a good storyline to get a championship opportunity. Now they are just handing out titles & to the wrong people e.g. Brie Bella, Kelly Kelly, Jullian Hall. They didn’t even give good runs for people like Mickie james or Eve Torres. But not giving Gail Kim a chance was the worst!

      • Razmos01

        U mean Tamina yea

        • JJC

          Yeah, typo haha!

  • MonstaHeel 450

    All I know is, Kharma's tryin to get rid of her "baby weight" before her return to the ring. No doubt she'll get a huge pop when she officially comes back and annihilate all in her way. Question of when? Who knows, but watch out, Phoenix.. Neidfart (enuff)…. even Tamena, maybe….
    Oh and especially the Bellas!! Remember when they made fun of her when K left? She hasnt forgotten. They are definetly the first on her list. Guaran-damn-teed!!

    • JJC

      I doubt they’d still go on with a feud between the bellas & kharma. If anything, there going to use Kharma & phoenix!

  • Zatch

    Hopefully WWE will use the kharma character properly as she has so much potential

  • Matt

    I have nothing but respect and love for Kharma and hope that when she does come back, she kicks the Divas division up a notch and get them more respectable time on television as well as more respectable matches.

  • Kevin

    Kharma is awesome! Finally, a woman wrestler that is actually a wrestler, not just a model with some wrestling moves. I can't wait to see Beth Phoenix versus Kharma. Maybe once Kharma gets the title (and she will), we could see champion versus champion, with Kharma taking on Cody Rhodes, or even CM Punk. I'd put money on her to beat either of them.

  • Lynn Angela Pisco

    I think Kharma ( a.k.a. Awesome Kong ) will show up at this year's annual spectacular " Special Surprise Explosion " live pay per view event which it will be held on Sunday August 19, 2012 for " The WWE'S SummerSlam " no matter what as long as another one shall follow into her footsteps and two powerful women shall rule the entire women's matches and they will become not only female wrestlers in the entire WWE but then again WWE Diva's Champions as well ! I will called themselves as " The Power Of Darkness " ! So watch out ladies in the entire WWE Raw and Smack Down roasters cause by the time Kharma and her surprise guest partner shows up either tonight or maybe perhaps Friday , two of them will join forces together and shall destroy all of these ladies no matter who it is , they will prevailed !