Kharma's WWE Release, Lawler Reveals Vince's Problem With Savage, Two Former WWE Stars Claim To Be Members Of Aces & Eights, Favorite Raw Moments

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Is Kharma coming back or has she been quietly release?

As we reported here on, Kharma has been quietly released from WWE. No one knows the details behind her release and given how private Kharma is, the details won't be out until she wants them out. The speculation that "creative had nothing for her" is ridiculous and a product of people guessing.

Earlier this week, Jerry Lawler shed new light on replacing "Macho Man" Randy Savage on commentary. Could this be the reason he was blackballed on WWE television and held in a very low regard by Vince McMahon?

Jerry Lawler's comments that WWE was getting ready to go live only for Vince McMahon to learn that not only was Randy Savage not there but was in Atlanta for WCW were the first I've heard. After all the nasty rumors and speculation over the years, Lawler's comments seem to indicate the first real reasons to why Savage was considered taboo in WWE. Almost anyone in the business could tell you that Vince despised Randy but no one knew why. Lawler seems to have cleared it all up as there is no reason not to believe him.

Who are the members of the Aces and Eights on Impact Wrestling?

I heard former WWE stars Mike Knox and Luke Gallows were telling people they were part of the Aces and Eights but cannot confirm those claims.

Throughout the past several weeks we've heard from WWE names about their favorite Raw moments. What is your favorite Raw moment?

As a long-time wrestling fan, I have many favorite Raw moments but for the sake of conversation I will mention a few. One of my best memories of the Attitude Era was Steve Austin driving the beer truck in the arena and hosing Vince McMahon. A lot of my favorite Raw moments from the Attitude Era included Austin as it was edgy programming that was very entertaining. The night that Shane McMahon showed up on WCW Monday Nitro was a memorable one as it was something I don't think anyone would have imagined just five years prior to it happening. As for a recent memory, CM Punk's worked shoot promo on Raw last summer was one of my favorites and elevated him to an entire different level.

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  • James

    I know it might be an obvious one, but for me Mick Foley's first WWF Championship with the 'butt's in seats' is my favourite. If it weren't for that and how much everyone wanted to see it, there would probably be no Monday Night Raw

  • Dug Barker

    WWE had no idea what to do with Kharma as they are just as lost with all of the talent they have on the Diva's side. I know Richard defends WWE to a large degree but with the exception of what they are doing with AJ right now, they have not had a true quality storyline in years. Please don't defend them on the Divas side. I certainly recognize all of the positives on the Men's side right now, which is for the most part very solid.


    • Richard Gray

      I'm not defending WWE but to imply Kharma was released because she was brushed off as someone there was nothing for is ridiculous. There were multiple scenarios to bring Kharma back, including the storyline that was used to bring back Layla. The bottom line is we don't know what happened and won't until Kia decides she wants it public.

  • OneShotDeal

    My personal RAW highlight – the night after WM24 – Ric Flair's retirement sendoff. OK, it didn't stick – and lets face it, I don't think any of us expected it to – but it was an incredibly emotional night and one of the most poingent moments in RAWs history.

    • Richard Gray

      That moment lost its appeal for me after Flair jobbed to Lethal. Horrendous booking has horrendous consequences.

  • Mike L

    Mike Tyson meets Stone Cold, either that, or Rey Mysterio Vs. Shawn Michaels on the Eddie Tribute Show.

  • Blaze

    Lawler did shed light on it. But I think the reason he is taboo is because when Macho Man left he took the Slim Jim sponsorship with him to WCW. Back then WWF/WWE was in financial trouble and Slim Jim was a huge sponsor for them. So that hurt Vince financially big time. And not only that, he saw Macho Man as a "son." So he was heart broken when he found out when he left him.

    • BigMike

      one of the rumors I heard was that Macho "was very close" to Stephanie and Steph was "young" but thats just a rumor

  • Jeremy Dick

    Lawler's story doesn't add up, though. Randy Savage's final WWF appearance was October 1994 and his first WCW appearance was on WCW Saturday Night in December 1994. Nitro didn't even start airing on Mondays until a year later.

    • Dave Barton

      Exactly, as I and another member have already explained in the original thread. Why won’t anybody listen? Its easy enough to verify the dates.

  • James M>>>

    I read a couple comments on past reports regarding the Lawler story questioning the validity of it due to the timeline. Any merit to the idea that Lawler’s story doesn’t make sense based on the timeline macho man left?

    • Deep

      It doesn't make sense. Not only did Macho Man debut in WCW months before Nitro first aired, but he had several video vignettes leading up to it. WWF weren't exactly blindsided. You can find Macho Man's debut on WCW Saturday Night on youtube.

  • Randy

    I'd always heard that Randy got a little overfriendly with a very young Stephanie McMahon, but it's probably unfounded.

    • Jesse

      This actually is probably true. I've heard it from too many sources for it to be completely made up.

  • Christ 4 Life

    The whole "we've got nothing for you" thing for Kharma is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS! Hello, Beth Phoenix! Creative now a days…

  • kevin

    I don’t believe lawler at all and I’m a big fan of his. Vince made nice with Randy the night he left for the sake of the fans and good TV he said good bye to him on air his last raw, Randy’s first time was on WCW Saturday Night. As for Stephanie I know a wrestler (I was friends with) that was there at that time and I was told that was true, and I believe him because he had nothing to gain by telling me and no reason to lie.

    • Ken

      If I was Vince McMahon and Randy Savage had made sexual advances towards my thirteen year old daughter, or pressed matters further than simple advances (depending on the severity of the rumour) Savage would be dead and I'd be in jail. I certainly wouldn't me making nice with him on TV before his departure to a rival company.

  • Steve l

    If Lawlers reason is correct there must be more. As that is a reasonable and innocent explanation that if that was the case it would have been explained years ago.

  • John

    There will always be the rumors as to why Macho Man was taboo after he left. The problem is they will always be rumors because for one Savage died (RIP, we miss you!), and the other is I don’t see Vince setting the record straight either. Just please let the rumors die and let Mach rest in peace.

  • Travis dee

    The savage leaving wwf and then turning up in wcw on the same day without telling anybodyis old news. Vince told that story in an old raw magazine ( I think ) back in the day. Vince was genuinely upset by it, and said a heartfelt goodbye to Macho with tears in his eyes live on raw ( footage is on YouTube ). The number one raw moment without a shadow of a doubt is the hitman/ michaels handshake. How anyone can say that is not the top moment is crazy . It was years in the making , and a Mark out moment for even the smartest of smarks

  • Steven

    My most memorable moment was when Vince fired Eric Bishoff live on raw and John cena did the FU (AA) to Bishoff in the garbage truck to give him a proper send off.

    • Phill

      I preferred Eric's debut on RAW!

      • James

        I agree. That was a huge shock for me. I never saw that coming and I don’t think anybody else did.

    • KatDaddy07

      Cena didn’t Fu bischof in the dump truck. Vince body slammed bischof himself and sent him packing. (if I remember correctly)

      • snap

        Yeah, Cena hit the FU on Bischoff in the ring, while it was Vince who deposited Bischoff in the garbage truck.

    • KatDaddy07

      Cena didn’t Fu bischof in the dump truck. Vince body slammed bischof himself and sent him packing. If i remember correctly.

  • CrankyVince

    Former WWE developmental talent Wes Brisco has also been involved with the Aces And Eights angle.

  • David F

    one of my favorite Raw moments was Edge and Lita doing it on live tv. I hope they have a segment for the 1000th RAW.

  • Ben

    Having been a part time uk fan (took a gap before i started watching it again ) my fave raw moment was when raw was left on a cliff hanger a d u had to watch smackdown to fin out what was goin on( before they introduced 2 brands) every week but recently was when the rock returned the crowd went absoluty wild and was crazy

  • Hazmatt23

    The raw memory that sticks out most vividly to me was the night Undertaker crucified Austin. I remember seeing that and being like "Word!? We're doing that now?". I miss the edginess of WWE.

  • Connor

    Kevin Nash did an interview with a Scotish radio/podcast last year I think it was and he said p that Macho left without telling anyone was one of the reasons Macho was blackballed, as well as something with the Slim Jim deal. It's on youtube.

  • David Snay

    Probably my favorite moment was the whole hospital scene with McMahon, Mick Foley and "Dr" Steve Austin. SCSA whacking Vince with the bedpan was epic.

  • My biggest RAW Moments…

    – John Cena getting drafted to Monday Night Raw

    – Eric Bischoff made RAW GM by Vince McMahon

    – Eddie Guerrero Tribute Show

  • Kevin

    Funny you should mention the Austin hosing McMahon Raw moment. Last Monday, when they were showing favorite Raw moments, I was thinking back, and that one came to mind as one of my all-time favorites.

  • Philg

    My favorite moment on raw was when Jeff hardy climbed up and up and up and delivered the Swanton bomb to orton putting them both outta commission and ending the match. Biggest WOW moment for me had me on the edge of my seat!

  • Andrew

    My favourite raw moment was shawn michaels giving hulk hogan sweet chin music on the 4th july edition back in 2005. I can’t speak for anyone else but i never saw that coming, it was the early hours of the morning when i watched that episode & i was half asleep, safe to say that literally woke me up.

  • Ricky Valdez

    My favorite moment on raw was when Austin and Bret were still feuding. On one perticular raw Bret was on a wheel cheer trying to escape austin just when Austin was going to get his hands on Bret Jim the andvill niedhart comes out of nowhere and starts pumeling stone cold, the anvill surprised everyone with his appearance.

  • steven

    i love cm punk

  • James

    I have a lot of favorite moments but I have to say the 2004 RAW DRAFT. You had Bischoff and Heyman arguing at each other the whole night. Then it ends with Eddie Gurerro vs Triple H for the WWE Championship which later ended in a RAW VS SMACKDOWN brwal and then end the show with Stone Cold Steve Austin leading the rest of the RAW locker room to fight in theis massive brwal.