Kharma's WWE Return, Why Chris Jericho Was Suspended, A WWE Offseason, Book Recommendations

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When will Kharma return to WWE?

Kharma has been training for her in-ring return to WWE. I haven't heard what the planned return date for her is, however, I would consider it to be imminent. She hasn't been in a WWE ring since her surprise appearance in the Royal Rumble and prior to that had not been seen on WWE television since May 2011.

I would like to know the status of Chris Jericho and exactly why he was suspended, have we or will we ever get the REAL story?

Chris Jericho was suspended for 30 days for denigrating the Brazilian flag, which is a crime in the country. I'm told WWE officials weren't that upset over the incident and felt it was just Chris' attempt to get cheap heat, however, they had to act with a disciplinary measure to save face. Not only is WWE a publicly traded company looking to stay away from negative publicity, Linda McMahon is running for Senate and is connected to anything the company does. There's no bigger story to this than that.

Has a WWE offseason ever been considered and would it help to attract better talent?

Ideas of an offseason have been talked about by people outside of WWE but an offseason has not been seriously considered by Vince McMahon and company officials. While there would be benefits for the talent to get time off, there's simply too much money on the line. I could analyze this question even more but the bottom-line is WWE makes too much money by holding shows year round.

What is your favorite book written by a wrestler?

It's been awhile since I've talked books but my favorite wrestling book of all time is "Hitman" by Bret Hart. If you haven't read it and want a detailed look at the wrestling business from in and out of the ring, pickup a copy. Both of Chris Jericho's books are fun reads that are funny and entertaining. Hart's book is a book that could be read more than once due to the detailed look it gives to the business.

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  • Matt Scott

    When, oh when, will people stop asking about an offseason?

  • Nick

    Off season would be cool. Would be like a mini wrestlemania build to the start of the new season each year.

    • Terry

      How so ? If it’s the offseason wouldn’t they all be off ? If they are off how can they build anything ?

      • jdl

        It would be like the first game of your favorite sport after the off season. The anticipation would build it up to being greater than it actually is.

  • Matt

    I second the suggestion on Bret Harts book. I bought it and had it read in 2 days. I’ve read it 4 times since and it’s great everytime.

  • Jim P

    Two questions that I wish people would stop asking: WWE Offseason and Cena Heel-turn.

    • Stevie

      How much does (Insert name here) get paid per (Time frame)

    • Joe

      Another one is Brand Merger

  • I hate the idea of an offseason that would suck that would ruin my weekly watch wrestlers are tough enough 2 stick it out. Plus the wrestlers would build tremendous rust during an offseason it would be bad both ways. That would ruin wrestling.

  • havoc525

    Instead of an off season, allow workers “vacation” time each year. Let them take a couple weeks off at a time every few months.

    • XKonn247

      Best suggestion all year my friend. Every other vocation gives time off, why not pro wrestling?

    • Philg

      I agree with this one

  • Vince

    Vince mcmahon is to stingy to do an off season even tho look at all the injures in the last year that an perfect example of wwe needong an off season

    • Randall

      Those wrestlers read the contract when they signed it. They knew how many dates they would need to work. if they felt that their body couldn't handle it, then they hsouldnt have signed the contract. and as for injuries, they could happen to anyone at anytime no matter how many dates the wrestler is working. This pro wrestling people, and the wrestlers no what buisness that they are in and should understand that injuries come with it.

  • Steve l

    A rotating vacation is a good idea with all hands on,deck from tje Rumble to Mania

  • sanket

    no matter how much we want it, its not going to happen. too big a machine to stop even for downtime. they risk a breakdown but wont stop

  • Lenny

    Instado of an off season they should have either lighter schedules or rotations. Like in the first six months of the year a rotation of superstars would go out there and do their thing when those six months were up,
    These guys would take a vacation and allow the other set of wrestlers come in for the next six than at wm month they could all get together and do a huge show and build the best guys to feud wth each other. Although this idea is crazy or good for some, here’s what you gotto look at, a superstar works damn hard to get to the main event, once they are there they have to prove that they belong and as we saw with Mark Henry, even with an injury he did not quit, he kept on fighting so he wouldn’t lose the spot he worked 15 years for. Now a guy like Cena, he could take 4-8 months off and come back and still be the face of the company. It’s all about making yourself indispensable in the eyes of the office then you can work which ever way you want, ask The Undertaker!

  • Sam The Man

    Mick Foley Have a nice day is one of my favorite book. Ric Flair book was a little bit of a let down. The one im waiting for is Vince McMahon bio,could be amazing if he open totaly,maybe two volume.

  • Christ 4 Life

    I think take December off for the holidays, and start off fresh with the Road to WM.

  • DoJo

    Rotating vacations WOULD work…….. It will also enable mid/lower card workers to get some much needed tv time and help WWE figure out which talent gets the biggest pop to plan for future programming……… It will also help prevent injuries with working banged up and help with longevity in there careers…….. 8 weeks off a year is only 8 tv slots – ok they won’t work house shows but tbh they should promote house shows with future talent and a marquee name…….. Glad I got that out of my system!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • thebops

    Anyone remember the WWF show on USA before Monday Night Raw started airing? Every year I would be disappointed during the Dog Show, when USA would air that instead of wrestling. It always seemed to sneak up on you. My point is, one week ticked me off. How would we react to an offseason of several weeks?

  • Guzzie1984

    Brets book is awesome, and hes not afriad to tell of his own misgivings too,

  • peckmania

    I agree on rotating the wrestlers. They could just work it into a storyline. Have somebody like big show take out like 10 guys, give them a month off, and so on. Doing that could preserve their careers in the long run so they don’t have to retire early due to injury (i.e. Edge).

    • WyFo

      Yeah but having a bunch of superstars get “Injured” at the same time would get old.

  • Brandon

    An off season might benefit the writing staff as well. I assume that the product would increase in quality if the writers had more time to plot out future story lines. Struggling to finish a script ten minutes before RAW goes live doesn’t do anything for increasing the quality of the current product. Additionally, maybe then the mid-carders and below might receive some programs.

  • Ant

    I always thought a good way to handle vacations or an "off season," would be if they keep them working TV but rotate who works house shows. Maybe give each person a week off from house shows a month. I don't know how many house shows they do a week but if its something like four they can have each person work two house shows a week instead of all of them.
    A lot of football or "soccer," players don't get much of an off season either. The club season just ended at the end of May now they are playing for national teams then when the Euros end they will go right back to the clubs and start playing there again. In two years same thing will happen with world cup.

    • chopper

      most of the footbal players make a hell of alot more than a wrestler and if you are a big football fan you will notice that the managers who do not have players in the euros will have them resting big time so they will have the upperhand beginning of the new season

  • glenjones

    The Jericho suspension is also a crock….his band were booked to play the Download Festival and other dates!!
    It was a happy coincidence at best

  • Jalen

    If they stop doing House Show, that will be a good Vacation. The only time they should do a house show is when they out of country.

  • Adam O’Brien

    I have Hitman. 🙂

  • Ace

    Why does Linda McMahon keep running for Senate? She's already wealthy and because of her campaign for Senate, WWE has to remain PG. I'm sorry but please can we bring back the attitude era and the blood and violence? Just my opinion

    • Sander

      Wrestling, with WCW and the early WWF was always about family entertainment. With the danger of WCW’s ratings, and the populairity of ECW, Vince decided to change his product. There was the attitude era!
      Nowadays, there is no threat for WWE so changing the product isn’t necessary. I don’t see the rougher and more mature WWE coming back soon. If ratings starting to fall to new depts, maybe Vince will do the same tric as in 1997/1998. I think the people wo really want the AE to return, better stop watching WWE now to lower ratings and start watching TNA to plus their ratings.

  • Philg

    I think if anyone was on a lengthy title run at the time of the offseason the momentum they have will be ruined.

  • Blazeking

    Regarding the Jericho situation:

    It's BS. Linda is going to get blasted by those Republicans no matter what WWE does. The E has done good with make-a-wish & sending former wrestlers to rehab should they need the help. They've saved lives and granted dying wishes but that isn't good enough…

    From now on when WWE books arenas, the arena needs to accept a TOS that states "This is all an athletic act and you accept that". Just like they have commercials basically saying "This isn't all real, but still don't try this because you might end up killing yourself" on TV, fans already know the show is scripted. If something offensive as a flag-stomping occurred, fans would already assume that the company was cleared by authority to perform that action.

    I'm sorry but I just don't think the Brazilian fans, arena, and authority were that stupid to believe he was being "*for real*, for real". (+1 to whoever understood that last one :D)

  • Drew

    Nah Jericho is touring Europe with Fozzy. Not a real suspension.

  • Matt

    3 weeks ago, I sold all my books in a garage sale except for Bret Hart's book and both of Chris Jericho's books. Unlike any other wrestling book, those ones you can read time and time again and find yourself all times not wanting to put it down

  • smark

    Cheating death and stealing life is a good read by Eddie Gurrero….

  • Marc

    An offseason wouldn’t work. The WWE would lose a lot of money and superstar momentum may be ruined, as well as the fact that fans don’t want to see a feud go on for months and be dragged out longer than they need to be. Giving a Superstar or Diva, 2 months of leave in total, every year and spread it out so it is not so distorted and things will run a lot smoother.