Kickoff Match Highlights, Outstanding Battleground Opener, Dean Ambrose Angle

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- WWE has posted video highlights from both Battleground Kickoff matches with Adam Rose going over Fandango and Cameron over Naomi. You can watch in the videos embedded below:

Adam Rose vs. Fandango

Naomi vs. Cameron

- The Usos retained the WWE Tag Team Championship in a 2-out-of-3 falls match against Luke Harper & Erick Rowan at WWE Battleground. Harper and Rowan won the first fall and The Usos won the final two. The match was spectacular, rivals their match at Money in the Bank. It's well worth going out of your way to see.

- WWE did a gimmick where Triple H threw Dean Ambrose out of the building after he interrupted a backstage interview with Seth Rollins. Their Battleground match was "up next" but they instead went to AJ Lee vs. Paige for the Divas Championship, in which Lee retained.

Turmoil Between Vince McMahon & Triple H Reaches A Boiling Point w/Heated Argument Backstage – Details Here [>>]

  • Vic Jose

    How is it that you posted she retained just before the match ended?

    • Smark Twain

      I’m guessing he wrote it in advance since it would be pretty unfathomable that AJ would lose so soon after returning.

  • Chris Jacks

    HORRIBLE angle, I literally paid for this show for Rollins vs Ambrose and Jericho vs Wyatt and now one of those ain’t gonna happen #BS

    • Smark Twain

      I’m right here with you. Been waiting to see Ambrose and Rollins go at it since I heard they both were in WWE.

      • Chris Jacks

        I know it extends the program to Summerslam but it cons fans who have paid for this match! They could’ve done a double count out through the crowd or something and then done no holds barred at Summerslam, at least give us what we pay for!

        • Smark Twain

          I’m gonna have confidence that they do an angle later in the night to let the match happen, but probably end in a DQ with Rollins using the case, or Ambrose ignoring a 5 count or something. Ambrose has seriously been getting the shaft since the break-up.

  • King James

    That tag team match was the best tag team match the WWE has had in over a decade. Simply amazing. Luke Harper is a STAR. No way around it!