Kid Kash Confirms Departure From TNA Wrestling

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Kid Kash officially confirmed his departure from TNA Wrestling on his Twitter account. Kash's contract was up and he wasn't offered a new one. He is now accepting independent bookings through PWA Bookings.

  • Benjamin

    Kid Kash was always a solid hand in the ring, but he won’t be greatly missed. If TNA could phase out a few more guys that are 40+ I’d be happy.

    • SoulFool

      Kid Kash is a Hardcore Heavy and a good in-ring wrestler , but like You insinuated , TNA needs to rely more on younger talent and not the older guys !!! Hope He makes out good in the indies though !!!

  • Kid Kash & Kofi Kingston should form a tag team. They could call themselves the Kingston/Kash Konnection! I like it, the KK…oh wait. On second thought, maybe its not such a good idea.