King Kong Bundy Starts WWE Hall Of Fame Rumor

King Kong Bundy (real name Chris Pallies) is suggesting that he'll join Mick Foley as an inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame as part of the class of 2013. The following is from his Twitter account:

On Friday, WWE officially announced Mick Foley as a 2013 WWE Hall of Fame inductee.

  • Sam The Man.

    Ok with that. I wonder

    • Sam The Man.

      I wonder how many wil be introduce this year?

  • Dustyn

    If they do a celebrity induction, I could see Donal Trump taking that spot. He has been involved in several WM’s, as well as many episodes of RAW. Being that the HOF Ceremony will be help in NYC, there isn’t a better place/time if they want to induct him.

  • Dangerous Lee

    He looks like an obese Dustin Rhodes in that pic.

    • Jeff Ono

      Clearly, you never watched Bundy wrestle. He was an amazing heel, who really used his sized well. He was much quicker than most wrestlers of his size.

      • Dangerous Lee

        Clearly, you’re jumping to conclusions. I have seen him wrestle. He’s not that impressive in my opinion. I understand he’s a legend and agree that he deserves a spot in the HOF. That doesn’t change the fact that he looks like an obese Dustin Rhodes.

  • I met Bundy at a fanfest back in ’06, super nice guy. We’re both longtime residents of NJ. At the time, he said he was living in a little chicken shack in Glassboro & paying through the nose on property taxes. He asks me “Why do we still live in Jersey?!” Very personable & approachable. He was a big part of bringing the WWF from high school gyms to major arenas when he teamed up with Big John Studd in their feud against Andre. And the 5-count was legendary! He told me Bill Watts gave that to him. Again, just a super nice guy who made a big impact in wrestling. I hope the rumor is true!

  • No disrespect but if anybody deserves to be going into the HOF this year its Randy Savage

  • Michael

    I think Bundy deserves it the guy wrestled for wwe during the hulkamania days and was there during the early part of the streak. Bundy in the hof yes he deserves it more then Abdullah the butcher did who never wrestled in wwe. I think the hof should be for this year Foley, Pillman, Bundy, Demolition, the Von Erich family, and Jbl.

    • The Von Erich family is already in the HOF. I think they went in in 2009.