King Mo Gives His Reaction To His Bound For Glory Involvement, What His Schedule Will Be Like, And How Much He Trains For Wrestling

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After TNA Bound for Glory this past Sunday, caught up with King Mo to get his thoughts on what he thought of the show as well as making his debut in a match, even though he was only special enforcer. He revealed who talked to him in the back and what they told him. He also talked about his upcoming busy schedule and how much as well as where he has been training for wrestling. The video is embedded below:

  • LeBron James

    He seems to really be passionate about wrestling, and learning everything he can. I like King Mo. I wish him success in wrestling and MMA.

  • _JIM_

    Here goes TNA again moving away from their home grown talent that they should be pushing and featuring instead. They don’t need King Mo and just because Spike features both companies on it’s network they are now stuck with him. Could be that Spike might have pushed them into it. Not like they have a whole heck of a lot of pull with the network anymore since their ratings are so bad. I just don’t think that this helps TNA in anyway having him on their show taking a spot on TV away from one of their own workers that they should be working to get over instead. Makes no sense. Just like this stupid “Hollywood boyfriend” angle they are doing with Tara. Nobody wants to see that D-list celebrity. How does his involvement help TNA? It doesn’t! All it’s doing is giving that D-bag some TV exposure. Yet another in a long list of head scrathers from the TNA creative team. Why they refuse to just sit down and write angles for the talent they have on their roster is beyond me.

    • D-Bag

      TNA is the highest rated show on Spike so I'm thinking they have plenty of pull with the network.

      • _JIM_

        I meant to say that the network had to have higher expectations for where Impact would be this far in. Pulling sub 1.0 numbers isn’t all that impressive. Whether its the highest rated show or not.