King Mo Knocked Out, Photo Of Taryn Terrell As A Ring Girl

- King Mo was knocked out by Emanuel Newton on the Bellator Season 8 Light Heavyweight Tournament semifinals on Thursday night. The fight was over in the first round as Newton caught Mo with a spinning back fist.  Here’s his reaction:

- For those that missed it, Taryn Terrell was featured as a ring girl. Below is a photo:


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  • Annihilate All Fake Kings

    King Nothing is overrated. Anyone can wear a crown and call themselves a king but usually doesn’t have the resume who thinks he’s better than what he really is. Usually it’s people who choose they want to call KING and mo is NOT ONE OF THEM. So what is he king of exactly? Maybe if he just STFU and prove himself instead getting knocked out by an unknown and prance around like an idiot with a bunch of jewelry like some ignorant rapper, he should win some fights. You know who else has a crown? The Burger King and he’s more believable to a be a king than this moron.

    • Robert Olley

      My brutha testify!!

    • soulfool


  • Josh

    It was the second round

    • John

      No it wasn’t. & Fake Kings you obviously don’t know much about MMA!