King Mo Says Pro Wrestling Training Is Three Times Harder Than MMA Training; Thinks MMA Is A Fad

Bleacher Report has a new article online featuring quotes from former Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion and current TNA Wrestling superstar Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal. Below are the highlights:

Training in OVW under Nick Dinsmore and Frank Miller:

"I thought it was going to be hard, but this (pro wrestling training) is harder than I expected," Lawal stated. "I'm going to tell you this. Pro wrestling training is three times harder than MMA. It's harder because of the psychology, the positioning, the bumps, hitting the ropes and cutting promos.

"That s**t is hard. People don't understand this s**t. People think wrestling is all fake. If you think it is fake, come try it out and you will see how real it really is."

MMA starting to become a fad:

"It starts with the way the fans don't think for themselves," Lawal stated. "They have to look to certain people for approval on how they think. They bash the fighters and think fighting is easier than it really is. A lot of people didn't grow up fighting. They grew up playing football and basketball. So they can relate to missing a pass, a layup, free throws and dropping a pass, an interception or kicking a field goal.

"MMA fans never grew up fighting. They just put on their Affliction or Tapout shirts and say, 'Hey I'm a fighter or hey I'm going to a fight.'

"To me, its a joke. It is a certain demographic that's involved and I'm not with that."

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    I just got a bunch more respect for the cat. Great interview

  • Tna

    I can see him doing well in Tna

  • unknown

    well he is darn right when it comes to training. but to bash the mma fans like that is kinda absurd, i mean boxing fans do the same thing but boxers dont come out and say that.

    • Alex

      He's just upset cause he wasn't good enough to make it to the UFC or even stay in Strikeforce. He talks like wrestling fans are so much more sophisticated. I'm a wrestling/boxing/MMA fan and I can tell you they are not.

  • Ranfery25

    I just think its cool Bleacher report can be mentioned lol

  • _JIM_

    King Mo speaking the truth. About time somebody said that about MMA.

  • Alex

    Screw King Mo. Everything he just said could be said of wrestling. The fans are drones who have never been in a fight and accept everything that's handed to them. He's just upset that he couldn't make it to the UFC or even make it in Strikeforce.

  • Paul

    To each his own opinion I guess. Honestly, it shouldn't matter much if this or that is harder. The important thing is whether you're good at it or not.