King Mo To Report To Ohio Valley Wrestling

There are plans for King Mo to wrestle in TNA. Mo will workout in Ohio Valley Wrestling where he is expected to be seasoned for his in-ring debut with the company.

Mo went to OVW several years ago after a WWE tryout and worked out with Mark Henry, John Morrison and Scotty 2 Hotty.

As of this writing there is no specific timetable on when he will report to TNA's official developmental territory, however, the company is looking to bring him to television this summer.

  • hurrigame

    I'll only watch if there are 2 other kings included: Oscar & Mabel. Otherwise, the name means very little to me. Unless someone can enlighten me…

  • Dave Barton

    I saw a video of Mo recreating the end of Hogan/Warrior's WM6 match…he's a long way from being ready, but at least he's already got the charisma to work a crowd.

  • Jason

    King Mo' Lawal is a mma fighter who was suspended for using and will now fight for bellator, and also wrestle in tna

    • unknown

      thanks for pointing out the obvious