Would I Kiss Vince McMahon's Ass?, I'm Afraid I've Got Some Bad News, WWE Network Outside US, Pushing Ziggler, Title Match At WM30

In the wrestling business there are a lot of things wrestlers do they're probably not comfortable with. The risk is obvious as spots are limited enough and if they refuse to do something, they risk losing the opportunity. What do you think about people agreeing to go forward with stuff like Vince McMahon's "kiss my ass" club?

For those that missed it, Jim Ross was on ESPN's "Highly Questionable" (video & recap) and discussed being a charter member of Vince McMahon's "kiss my ass" club, joining in his home state of Oklahoma in front of friends and family. JR said the play was called and he didn't audible but Vince is a "clean freak" and everything was clean when he joined. That's good to know and the predicaments that performers are in when asked to do things they aren't comfortable with are well documented. Just look at what happened the night Owen Hart died. By all accounts, he didn't want to do the stunt and wasn't comfortable but he got talked into it anyway. Thankfully I've never been in a situation where my job asked me to do something I wasn't comfortable with doing. There are multiple ways to look at it, including asking the rhetorical question of, how bad do you want it? I would like to think I'd never kiss a grown man's ass on live television, however, would I feel differently if I felt my career was on the line? I'd like to say no but I'm careful not to judge people in seemingly impossible situations.

How will Wade Barrett recover from the Bad News Barrett gimmick?

What do you mean? I'm afraid I've got some bad news! The Bad News Barrett gimmick is one of the more entertaining over the top heel characters they've had in a long time. He'll eventually return to the ring but in the meantime, Barrett is getting on television. I don't know how far the gimmick can go, it's not exactly meant to be main event material, however, it has the capability of engaging the viewer. I implore everyone to realize there are very few spots for television and when a worker gets one of them, that's a lot better than the alternative. When Barrett was the leader of The Nexus it looked like a matter of time before he was a solidified main event talent but he needed to work on his in-ring. It's documented that he's been frustrated but hopefully he's turned the corner.

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Is there any confirmation when the WWE Network will be offered outside of the United States?

The following is from the official WWE Network FAQ document:

Beginning Monday, February 24, WWE Network will only be available in the United States. WWE Network is scheduled to launch in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong and the Nordics by the end of 2014/early 2015.

I just can't understand what they are doing with Dolph Ziggler. This past Monday it looked like they were giving him a rub by pairing him with Aaron Paul, but usually all he does his job... Do you think he will ever get a push again?

From what I'm told, I'm not sure WWE knows what they want to do with Dolph Ziggler. Dolph has had some rough luck as it looked like the push was on and then the concussion and has been in a free fall since. There have been rumors about backstage heat and Vince McMahon not seeing money in him but his position on Raw did create some optimism. You can find out how he was booked on Smackdown at this link. As with Barrett, I'll comment on the fact that he's at least getting on television. I feel Dolph is capable of much more but it's just going to come down to the right opportunity. I hope they restart on him in a big way but there's no way I can guarantee anything.

What if WWE put Daniel Bryan and Triple H in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at Wrestlemania XXX, making it a Fatal 4-Way?

That's an interesting thought but not one I'm aware that's been discussed. I've outlined potential audibles that have come up, however, I’m on record as to saying the only way WWE will be able to have a successful title match at Wrestlemania is by inserting Daniel Bryan. If they do not do that, it's going to be an uphill battle. The company is going into overdrive by pushing Triple H/Daniel Bryan, as you can check out this week's kayfabe Triple H interview with Michael Cole at this link.

From the Ask WNW vault…

September 2012: What is the policy for signs in the crowd at televised WWE events? - What signs get in and what signs do not start with the live event staff at each venue. Some venues have a reputation for being strict while others are more lenient. WWE has their producers and cameramen monitor the signs that are getting on television and will remove any that are even questionable. Signs that are certain to get taken are those that advertise something, include profanity or reference a worker in which WWE has recently fired or wants nothing to do with.
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  • Venom

    I know this is viewed has glass half empty then glass half full but I don’t really look at Dolph Zigglers match on RAW as him goofing up in the right direction. I look more of it as Alberto Del Rio is moving down a notch.

    • Rayner Chee-bai

      especially with rumours that Del Rio is also on his way out when his current contract expires…

      • Venom

        I really do see albero del rio hitting that glass ceiling. He’s gone as far as he can go. He’s been a heel he’s been a baby face. He’s been world champion and wwe champion. He’s won the royal rumble. He’ll never be the face of a company and not everyone can be. He’ll never be #1 heel fighting the face of the company in a top feud for more then a ppv. He should quit on a high note.

        Now that’s pure negativity.

        • Rayner Chee-bai

          The problem is that Del Rio is pushed too fast, too soon and now we can finally see the result. Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio or even John Cena took time to develop at the lower cards early in their WWE career. Even John Cena got nothing for him back in 2003 where he needs to pair with Bull Buchanan until his time to breakthrough in 2004/2005. My point is, Del Rio is already put at the top when he debutted in 2010 without WWE taking notice whether fans really accept him as the main event material or not. He’s been pushed down our throat since and now he got nowhere else to go but down. I really love his Eddie Guerrero/JBL hybrid and him leaving the E is the last thing that I would like him to do.

  • wagdaddy

    The Barrett gimmick is NOT entertaining….I understand he needs to be a heel, but this is “cheap” heat any way you look at it….your point is ‘at least he is on tv’ isn’t valid because enhancement talent has been on tv for years….its what one does or how they are protrayed on air which matters. Barret is far better than what they are giving him. I total agree-Barrett got the Nexus gimmick over as its leader/spokesman……but its been creative which has failed Barrett since….usually its talent’s fault, but not in this case-“Bad News Barrett” is just another FAILED gimmick….why does have a gavel? Why is on a platform, which rises like a KISS concert? There aren’t any reasonable answers for these questions because its stupid, juvenile and lacks content to begin with.

    • Haha but you have to understand the point. It’s an over the top heel gimmick. You’re taking it way too serious. And you’re confusing “cheap heat” with X-Pac heat. Cheap heat would be insulting the home crowd’s NBA team. X-Pac heat is what Batista has been getting.

      • wagdaddy

        nope-not confused at all, its CHEAP HEAT-because there is no meaningful content associated to it…doesn’t matter if its like XPac (or the reverse-Foley’s Cheap Pop)…you are confused about MY point-Barrett is better than an ‘Over-The-Top’ heel gimmick….he was a legit heel, not a cartoon which he has to fit into, plus its NOT entertaining and reeks of McMahon’s juvenile sense of humor-which usually misses the mark on the entertainment scale

        • Ben

          Barrett’s work at Elimination Chamber had my friends and I dying, his lines about the Minnesota electricians were hilarious. Sure he can play a serious heel, but the gimmick is entertaining and is getting him TV exposure. That can only help him going forward.

      • X-Pac head is exactly what BNB has been getting. Occasionally, he’ll get off a good line (“United States Of China”) but beyond that, the gimmick is awful. He’s not “over” with me and I doubt he’s “over” with many others either.

        • not even a Barcelona fan

          X-Pac head? who mentioned Chyna….?

        • opie

          You see all these comments talking about Barrett being better than the gimmick, and how everybody seems to like him but just want him in a different character? That’s pretty much the opposite of X-Pac heat. People hated Sean Waltman as much as they hated X-Pac, and everybody just wanted him to disappear.

          • wagdaddy

            agreed-gosh he sucked and still does….

      • K!NG

        At the end of the day drawing a reaction from the crowd weather there cheering or booing because they truly despise you is better then no reaction at all

    • Gary Robert

      Agreed. Nothing about it is entertaining. What it is, is spot during RAW/Smackdown among many now, where I shake my head and fast forward the DVR.

  • Guest

    With how WWE is bringing back old names, and celebrities to promote their movies, I wonder if Richard ever thought about making an appearance in the squared circle.

  • Rayner Chee-bai

    Sad enough if Bad New Barrett isn’t a main event material. He’s very entertaining alongside Cody Rhodes in “JBL & Cole Show” on dot com. Wonder the creative behind Raw and SmackDown aren’t as creative as the web show…

  • Jbreed

    I’m surprised Jim Ross ever accepted to go through with being embarrassed by Vince McMahon. I understand there are some guys who may have to swollow their pride and do what the bosses tell them to do to get ahead but JR wasn’t in the same position. JR is a veteran and a legend and could probably get any job he wants even outside of pro wrestling.

    • opie

      That’s the thing. He HAD the job he wanted. There was no other company or job for him. That’s why — despite everything he went through with the company and everything he has going on now (the podcast, writing for Fox, etc.) — he still says, “That’s WWE’s call” every time someone asks if he’s going to be at an event. JR is a WWE guy.

  • Liam

    If they wanted to end Batista being booed all they had to do was have him face Bryan for the wrestlemania title match and let him win clean and have Bryan shake his hand at the end

    • Ben

      Are you serious? That would get Batista nuclear go-away heat.

      • J Vomkrieg

        Think of it though, if we could harness the heat from that, then our global energy problems would be sorted. No more coal burning, and all the city lit with just the rage of fans

    • Rayner Chee-bai

      Tell me, you didn’t just say that?

  • Josh G

    But wouldn’t having Bryan in the match just to lose be just as bad for the WWE? I mean just having him in the match I’m sure won’t be enough for a lot of fans in attendance. While the crowd might not hijack the match I’m sure the winner if not Bryan will get booed out of the building. Although it might not hurt. But if he pulls double duty do you think he can walk away with the title? I have a hard time seeing them pull the trigger.

  • Matt

    I don’t get how people can say Bad News Barrett is anything but successful. For a mid card talent on the road to Wrestlemania, TV AND PPV spots are not only limited, but usually just for the top guys. For him to be on Elimination Chamber and Raws (minus this week’s) is great. He’s getting exposure, he’s getting his show/ppv bonus and he gets great heel reactions. I’d say it’s over with the crowd. We all know he can work and now him honing his mic skills is only creating a positive recipe for the future of his career. People need to learn patience as good gimmicks aren’t born over night.

  • Jbreed

    When was the last somebody with an entertaining over the top gimmick actually made it past the midcard?

  • cory zepperi

    I like the idea of the Fatal 4-Way. They start it as a three on one beat down, but then have heir egos take over and then Bryan pulls out the win.

  • 1molly23

    You’re obviously on very good terms with the McMahon family and the WWE, so the question might be would Vince McMahon want you to kiss is a$$?

  • Clint

    NO the Barrett gimmick is stupid I mean did you watch the WWE Network plug he did about how the bad news about it was you were gonna become homeless if you got it, I laughed my a$$ off at how bad it was, and just because it gets him on TV doesnt mean its a good spot, I mean Vergil got on TV by being a stereotype of a black man working for a white man and look where he is now.

  • Guest

    Geez Richard. You ALWAYS got something to complain about every Mania season. Why do you have to keep reiterating your opinion every single time. First last year it was CM Punk ending The Streak…you were wrong on that…you admitted that. Now this year youre doing the same exact thing, being a Mark, stating youre opinion in EVERY SINGLE ASK WNW Article…thats markish bro. Let it go bro.

    Look, maybe youre right about Bryan and he shouldve been in the title picture at this WM…but not like this. What, by just throwing
    him in there??? Nah, shouldnt happen like that. They had the opportunity…they messed up. Lets move on. There are ways that what they have and what they are giving us can work somehow. I still say that they shouldve kept Batista a tweener, but its all good. If they are smart, they know what to do. Bryan should and ONLY beat HHH in a #1 contenders match. Period. And he will get his shot in the near future.

    Richard, you need to stop being a mark, and sit back relax and enjoy the show. I cant stand owners of sites that are marks. Last year you proved your markness with Punk, now with Bryan now. Me? Im fans and big fans of ppl, but NEVER a mark.

  • Lebron James

    WWE dropped the ball with Wade Barrett. He was the fearless leader of a ruthless group of men, and now he’s nothing more than a man who delivers “bad news”. It’s sad. I really hope he recovers from this shitty card he’s been handed. I still have hope that someday they reunite some of the Nexus guys and give them one more run. It’s been 4 years, so it’s the perfect time to do so and rebuild Barrett. As for Vinces Kiss My Ass Club, I’d never do something that humiliating. Let alone on national television in front of my friends and family. At some point, you gotta have a sense of pride. Kissing another mans behind is as humiliating as it gets. As much as I love JR, he doesn’t seem to have much testicular fortitude.

  • W0NK042

    WM30: All though many of us know Daniel Bryan /should/ be in the title match (& would love to see him there), I really don’t see them caving to the fans (Bootista’s turn may show a small glimmer of hope, though). What I /would/ love to see is Bryan Vs Bootista* Vs Boredton* & as one of them is about to cheap-shot Bryan: Punk’s Music. Out on ramp. Bryan uses the distraction. Then goes on to have to prove to Punk he can win straight/fair in a feud. IF the do put Bryan in, they’ll probably go with something silly like: Double pin on Boredton; Bryan/Bootista get a belt each.

    * I’d actually prefer it if neither of these @$$-Clowns was in it, but whatcha’ gonna’ do…

    • W0NK042

      If they* do..

  • Michael D’Onofrio

    Inserting Daniel Bryan into the championship match is only a band aid fix for a giant problem. The problem is that Wrestlmania’s card is boring with the only saving grace being Undertaker-vs-Lesner. There is nothing spectacular about them, their all matches we could see on Raw. Three of the upper card matches need gimmicks( I know this is a bad word to some but hear me out first) as I stated above if these matches were on Raw they would be fine, but this is Wrestlmania the crown jewel of ppv’s the matches need to be ones you’ll remember. There only needs to be three gimmick matches. Now the Undertaker is a gimmick all his own, and a great one at that. He’s one of the main reasons people watch Wrestlmania. The only change would be that he needs to end the show. Next is Cena’s match. This should be a Buried Alive match. This gimmicke fits their fued. Cena’s got his “the future runs throu me”. This could have given the Wyatt’s a” burie the past” approach. But more importantly, no matter how it’s booked its beneficial to both sides. Cena wins, he gets to glot that he stoped the evil Wyatt’s just to have them come back even stronger then before to continue the fued. The Wyatt’s win and they can start to dominate the lockeroom giving them a very stronge presents untill ( and this is the part I think a lot of people will like) a darker Cena returns. Not a heel turn, but more like a batman mentality( dark justice) to reignite the feud. Finally Daniel Bryant. His should be a “No holds barred” match with the added stipulation that if he wins he will be the undisputed # one contender. DB’s winning will give him a giant boost being the only person to stop HHH and the authority and put him in a title shot. Then as an added bonus, when he gets the belt(s) give him a runn longer then cm punks.
    I know this is a lot to ask for but it’s what I feel will make Wrestlemania a great show this year. I know most of the DB fans will say ” No No No ” but I feel just giving him the belts is a cheap way out and no better then what their doing with Batista.

  • wagdaddy

    not a lot of support here for YOUR opinion on Barrett….while I respect you make your living reporting on wrestling, its a bit disheartening you do appear to be a shill for anything WWE at times. I don’t like anyone who always bashes everything, but at the same time, no one wants to hear a rubber stamp on everything either….its a fine line and one can’t please everyone every time out-but really missed how the majority of fans feel about Barrett-may want to re-evaluate your take on some things.

  • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

    I like Bad News Barrett. He looks like he’s having fun with it and he’s the only one that could pull that one off. I will be glad when he’s back in the ring. But I still like the gimmick

  • JR Texx (Jamie)

    I like Barretts gimmick, it’s quite comedic in parts .

    Also another Byran in the title match? lol come on.. this is just silly.