Kmart To Offer Exclusive John Cena Apparel Line

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WWE issued the following press release on Tuesday:

STAMFORD, Conn. and HOFFMAN ESTATES, Ill., June 4, 2013 – WWE® (NYSE:WWE) and Kmart today announced their first-ever exclusive children’s apparel line called “Never Give Up by John Cena™”, which will debut this fall in Kmart stores nationwide as well as on and Customers can purchase merchandise, including shirts, hoodies, pants, shorts, outerwear, headwear and accessories all inspired by WWE Superstar and current WWE Champion John Cena.

“I am excited to announce WWE’s relationship with Kmart and bring the Never Give Up by John Cena collection to all of our young fans,” said Cena. “For the first time ever, young shoppers will be able to go to Kmart and find a new line of apparel that expresses my lifestyle and my never give up attitude.”

Kmart apparel continues to build a powerful portfolio of brands and align with celebrities such as Cena to attract a young, cross-cultural customer.

“The Never Give Up by John Cena apparel line is a lifestyle brand that appeals to those who not only like his style, but are drawn to the positive message he offers,” said Cheryl Olinger, VP/GMM of Kid’s Apparel, Kmart. “Kmart will have the exclusive opportunity to provide merchandise previously available only at WWE events. We believe the line will resonate with many of our current, younger customers while allowing us to reach a segment of John's fan base that may not have shopped at Kmart before.”

“WWE is thrilled to team up with one of the country’s leading retailers and offer millions of fans a full apparel collection inspired by John Cena,” said Casey Collins, Executive Vice President of Consumer Products, WWE. “His global appeal fits perfectly with Kmart’s new group of entertainment-driven fashion lines.”

WWE Champion John Cena Tweeted the following:

  • Joe Dee

    Love it! Sorry, IWC. You’ll just have to whine another few years about how Cena needs to turn heel. In the meantime, he’ll be making WWE money with a positive message.

  • michael

    I wonder if John Cena himself shops at Kmart?

  • Hercules Rockerfeller


    • Mark J.

      I love how IWC Cena haters use this line. Cena’s fans, aside from kids, are MOMS and DADS. It’s one thing to dislike a stale character. But those of you who simply hate what the character stands for are stay-at-home 25-year-old sons who can’t get a job nor a classy girlfriend/wife. Keep living vicariously through the Attitude Era. Women don’t look for immature tools with no future. Nobody asks you clowns to root for Cena. Just try to tone down your lack of class.

      • Xavier

        And what’s even funnier is that IWC Cena haters will call Cena corny or PG but these are the same people who will camp out in the parking lots of movie theaters too wait for Star Wars or Harry Potter to hit the big screen, these are also the same people in HS who had to take overweight younger sister to the prom because they couldn’t get a date and the same people now who work at the Dollar General and still live in their mom’s basement

    • Xavier

      So you are a virgin, I knew it. When you die there will be a bunch of Muslim terrorist up in heaven waiting to rape you lol. But on a more serious note, for someone who claims to hate Cena or not care about Cena you sure do spend a lot of time commenting on his every move. Did Cena snub you at a autographic session or something or knock over your pepsi as he was walking by?

      • H.M.

        I’m a Muslim and I find your response to be ludicrously ignorant not only of Islam as a whole, but of Cena ‘haters’. I get the reaction to the rather rabid members of the IWC who do dominate the community; that doesn’t however warrant such idiotic counter remarks. You’re only stooping to their level. It’s very childish.

  • 1molly23

    Can’t wait! Congratulations John Cena!