Knux Update, Lockdown TNA's Most Attended Event, Trash Throwing Scripted

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- Mike Knox will be known as Knux going forward.

- TNA Wrestling's United Kingdom Public Relations representative Simon Rothestein Tweeted that the Lockdown attendance beat the company's previous record from Wembley. Dixie Carter confirmed the show was the most attended show in company history, not just the most attended US show.

- The closing of TNA Lockdown with the fans throwing trash into the ring was scripted into the show. TNA had audience plants hurling trash in the ring to encourage fans to follow suit.

  • Adam “SwipeManMcNasty”

    That’s an interesting way to get fans involved and make an angle look like it’s drawing more heat.

    • BlazeKing

      They had to do it that way so fans would know they won’t get locked up for doing it that night. If you so much as throw a straw at a WWE superstar, you’re getting thrown out.

  • Patrick

    Not interesting at all………stupid is more like it.

  • Nick Riviera

    Like or not, TNA created a special moment last, whether or not its been done b4 its irrelevant! the fact is TNA finally id something that has the WRESTLING WORLD talking! Kudos to TNA!

  • The Breaker

    Oh, so he’s Knux now? I was reading the Lockdown live results and thought it was a typo or something. Thanks for the heads up!
    Not surprised to hear the trash throwing was scripted. I joked at the time that they probably had vendors going through the crowd passing out empty cups and wrappers.

  • Kenneth

    I liked it, but I liked ECW’s chairstravaganza better.