Kofi Kingston Injured, TMZ Covers CM Punk/Chris Brown Drama, Jim Ross Gives His Thoughts On Elimination Chamber

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- Kofi Kingston had to have staples put into his head to close a laceration suffered in last night's Elimination Chamber Match for the WWE Championship. He posted a photo on Twitter at this link.

- TMZ is covering the war of words on Twitter between WWE Champion CM Punk and R&B singer Chris Brown. Click here for their coverage.

- Jim Ross has a new blog entry available on his official website where he gives reaction to the aforementioned Punk/Brown war of words and his thoughts on WWE Elimination Chamber. Click here for JR's latest in its entirety.

  • cristina

    Chris Brown is a woman beating scumbag. Why or how the public voted for him to win at the Grammy awards escapes me. I would LOVE to see Punk detach that coward's arms at the shoulders, and also hold him down while Rihanna took a crack at him with Trips' sledgehammer. Brown is talking out his butt calling Punk a roider. We all know Brown was just desperate for a half-witted comeback. We know Punk doesn't use, and we know Brown beat the crap out of Rihanna who by the way is so out of his league in terms of class, and beauty.

    • Da KiDD

      And in that same token, you're probably one of the people who can allow yourself to forgive Chris Benoit for his exploits huh, jus because you're a wrestling fan. Your duplicitous nature amongst many others on this site makes your Chris Brown criticism hollow.

      For all u who criticize brown, how bout u go take the time for the next week to inquire about the skeletons in the closet of every one who provides u a service. Your doctor, dentist, insurance agent, teacher, accountant, financial advisor, and more. Go ahead and find out what their lives consist of behind the career, and then make sure u condemn them, and discontinue the use of their services until u find a perfect, pristine individual for each. Since we're able to chastise Brown because his issues r out in the open, let's go ahead and start finding out about those who r closer to home.

      Come on all you saints. I challenge you.

      • Deep

        Way to assume all wrestling fans forgive Benoit for his heinous actions because he was a wrestler. Must have took a long time to poll every single person that posts on this site. You obviously skipped me, however.

        If I found out someone I did business with was a woman-beater, I would not be doing business with that person anymore.

        It doesn't take a perfect, pristine person or a saint to not punch a woman in the face 50 times. Instead of asking the rest of the world to lower their standards, maybe you ought to consider raising yours?

        • Da KiDD

          "Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up" Ephesians 4:29
          "Do not repay evil for evil or reviling for reviling" 1 Peter 3:9

          Those are the standards that I live by, and will continue to live by. I will not vehemently condemn another in the wake of his mistakes. If choosing not to condemn is considered "lowering my standards", then I rather not raise them.

  • Swanson

    Do we know what spot Kofi cut his head open during?

    • Joe

      In my opinion it’s when he was outside the ring with Jericho and did his summersault slam. You can see him grab at his head.

      • kbunyon

        Actually, it was before then. At one point Kofi was on the metal floor inside the chamber, but over by the door, before he was eliminated, and he put his hand to his head and pulled it back and there was a little blood on it, but not enough for the refs to freak out and bring out the white towel.

        I couldn't tell you exactly when it happened, but it was in the chamber before he was eliminated and tossed out of the chamber.


        • Alex P

          Interesting…I was trying to figure out when…is it me or did he do a boatload of crazy spots last night?!

          • Howard Stern

            yeah, kofi was the whole f'n show sunday night

        • Guy Landau

          I'm pretty sure it happened in the S.O.S. to Jericho on the steel.
          And Kendra, it has been months since WWE pulled out the white towel. I think they realized what a bad idea it is.

  • Da KiDD

    Its so funny how so many people on this site will give Chris Benoit the whole "even tho he was wrong, he was one of my favorites, one of the greatest, wwe should not erase him from history, he's still a hall of famer" spiel, but now that it's Chris Brown's incident that we're talking about, there's no forgiveness, or at the very least, a sense of moving on. Yea, i guess forgiveness is convenient when it fits your argument huh

  • vickie's lover

    that's why the ref was wearing gloves 🙂

  • #1 Awesome One

    Gross picture of Kofi's head!

  • kyle

    CM Punk? The WWE Champ? Who doesn't know him?

    By the way, who's Chris Brown? Oh, the….who is he again? Never mind.