Kofi Kingston Puts Over CM Punk, 5 ROH Wrestlers WWE Needs, Why Fandango Needs To Beat Chris Jericho

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- Kofi Kingston did a new interview with Digital Spy where he said CM Punk is one of the best of all time. You can watch it at this link.

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  • Chris

    While on the WWENews site, check out my articles as well, I try to bring a different slant to my posts.

    • Chris, I’m loving your posts! Keep up the great work!

      • Chris

        New one coming in a few minutes.

  • The Breaker

    CM Punk is not one of the best of all-time. It’s simply too early to make such a statement. He does have a shot at being one though. Beating Taker would certainly go a long way in helping that argument become viable.

    • Matt

      You’re right. 14 years wrestling isn’t long enough at all.

      • The Breaker

        I’m not forgetting all the great work he did in the indies. But to be thought of as the best of all time, what you accomplish on the biggest stage holds a lot more weight in the minds of most people. And look, I think he is the best thing pro wrestling has to offer right now, and has been for the past several years. But when you take into account all of that with the fact that he still hasn’t been able to really break through the ceiling and eclipse John Cena both in the minds of the majority of the fans and those in WWE, you have to question whether he’s yet to do what it takes to validate his career as the best ever.

  • Dangerous Lee

    That’s what Kofi seems to be good at. Putting OTHER people over.

  • Kofi is correctly sucking up to the IWC by mentioning Punk in a positive way.

    • ericdraven86

      you really think we are worth sucking up to? we have to be one of the hardest fan bases to win over, and are the first ones to start complaining about a guy being pushed. for years, across multiple forums we wished the rock and/or stone cold would come back, and now we complain that the rock isn’t back enough. point being, Kofi isn’t sucking up to us. Kofi is sucking up to cm punk.

      • Xavier

        LOL, agree on all your points about the IWC. Kofi isn’t sucking up to Punk though. Punk & Kofi are real life friends who travel on the road together, I’d say he’s just giving one of his close friends props.

      • Jimmy

        He’s actually not even sucking up to CM Punk, Kofi and Punk are good friends so Kofi would know better than most other people how hard Punk works to be the best at what he does and based on that he is making a decision.

    • Chris

      I love people complaining about the IWC while on a WRESTLING SITE that happens to be on the INTERNET. Like it or not you are part of the IWC, period.