Kofi Kingston - "Everyone Knows Randy [Orton] Kinda Has An Attitude"

Kofi Kingston was on Smacktalk Radio Live on Thursday and was asked about Randy Orton yelling at him during a triple-threat match also involving John Cena back in 2010.

"Everyone knows Randy kinda has an attitude, so that's Randy being Randy." Kofi told the hosts.

"What everyone doesn't remember is that we were in a heated rivalry so a lot of what you saw was him being his character and him kinda playing to that. I thought it was real funny when I started reading these things like 'Randy Orton doesn't like Kofi', which I think is fine because it added to what we were doing at the time, it made people more interested in what we were doing… it is what it is…"

Kofi also said in the appearance that his former tag team partner Evan Bourne is doing great but said he didn't know an exact timetable for his return.

  • Ace

    That is some good work there on Orton's part because I remember being convinced that he was upset at Kofi.

  • Justin

    Kofi is a true professional! We all saw Kofi's main eventer push instantly disappear after Orton's whining.

  • Uh oh….when Orton reads this he’ll make sure Kofi doesn’t get another push again!

  • me.

    Kofi's being kind. Orton is an utter ass.

  • BigMike7302

    I remember their short lived fued and it had some good matches but I had heard that it was due to those matches that Randy went to the Upper management and told them he felt Kofi was not ready for the next level and they stopped his push; he has basically been at the same level for awhile now if u think about it he will be Tag Team champ or IC and US but he does not get the title matches, he beat Miz several times in a row but I bet Miz gets a title shot before Kofi

  • DGreezy

    Damn Y:ou Randy Orton!