Kofi Kingston vs The Miz Set For Hell In A Cell

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WWE sent out a tweet earlier on their official Twitter page that Kofi Kingston will put his Intercontinental Title on the line against The Miz at WWE Hell in a Cell. The tweet is embedded below:


Kofi won the title this week on WWE's Main Event from The Miz.

WWE Hell in a Cell will take place Sunday, October 28, 2012 Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. We’ll have exclusive live play-by-play coverage here at WrestlingNewsWorld.com.

  • KVB

    Miz will win it back

  • Dan

    I didn’t realise kofi was still wrestling

    • KingKongBrody

      Really? He’s on like every week just had a tag title run

      • Bault16


  • JasonGaza

    theres no way kofi will lose. wwe wouldnt just throw the title around like that. kofi is gonna do some crazy jump off of the cage to win i can feel it

  • Andrew

    What matches are actually in the cell? Just the WWE and wield heavyweight championships?,

    • Craigscool88

      The world heavyweight isn’t even announced yet

    • Craigscool88

      As hell on cell I mean it could be anything

  • Ricky Valdez

    Just finished watching the Mizz vs kofi Kingston. Wow what an unbelievable match on wwe main event. I felt like I was watching legends going toe to toe, like I was watching Bret hart Shawn micheals, Chris Benoit Kurt angle. I have never seen kofi Kingston wrestle that good. I no what the mizz can do so I’m not surprised, but to see Kingston perform the way he did was amazing. I’m really hoping kofi can rise to new levels in the WWE.

  • Hey guys, I’m reading this on the app, and while I realise this is just a “quick update”, it would be pretty handy to have the rest of the card in this article too!

  • Rob

    Suprised they would strap Kofi after kicking The Miz in the head on Raw – thought he might have gotten heat for that? Didn’t mix get in bother for not caching someone a while back..?