Kofi Kingston's Blown Spot At Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania Plans For Chris Jericho, Ryback, CM Punk & Undertaker

- We're told Kofi Kingston was supposed to jump from the announce table back to the ring during the 30-man Royal Rumble match, however, the table wasn't sturdy enough to make the big jump. This is why Kofi used the chair to limp back to the ring. As mentioned in Richard Reacts, the spot came off as far too contrived for me.

- As reported earlier, Chris Jericho is signed through Wrestlemania 29. Preliminary plans have him working Ryback at the show but are obviously subject to change.

- As of Sunday night, Undertaker still wasn't a "sure thing" for Wrestlemania but from what I understand, they want CM Punk to challenge "the streak."

  • ryan

    If they do ryback v Jericho, which one do they turn heel? Id like to see them continue the Jericho/ziggler feud

  • Winnipeg

    B- Royal Rubmle.
    Alberto and Big show match was better then I expected
    Tag match was just a regular tag match but was ok
    Jericho and Goldust got the biggest pops. Kofis blown spot. Jericho and Ziggler, those three parts of the Royal Rumble were the highlights. I was expecting to at least see the Ho train when I seen the Godfather come out. At one point Santino was the only man standing in the ring which was funny and same with Orton but not to the same effect that Santino had.
    No other surprise returns I was hoping for Undertaker and Lesnar to make surprise returns to set up matches for Wrestlemania.
    I was not expecting The Rock Vs Punk match to end the way it did. When the lights went out on that match first thing I thought was “Undertaker” which would of set up either Undertaker vs Rock or Undertaker vs Punk.
    For once I didn’t feel like I wasted my money on a PPV.

    • Jon

      We don’t actually know (we didn’t actually see) that the Shield was involved. If WWE wanted EVERYONE to be happy, it would come out that it was actually Taker who beat Rocky down to force Punk to be stripped of the WWE belt and Rock to win. Potential angle: Taker cost Punk the match so Punk challenges for streak, goes under to Taker, and has some interesting further angle.

      • WNW posted a photo someone took of the shield attacking rock at the rumble so it definitely was the shield

  • Kevin P

    Rock vs. Cena for the Title is ok to me I I guess, at least the RR winner will finally get the main event (most likely). Not sure I agree with Jericho and Ryback… Why not continue with Ziggler? So that would put Sheamus back in the WH title area, and having Ziggler cash in at WM. I personally would love to see the MITB match return to WM and have them do it once a year. Punk and Taker would be interesting, not sure how others will think about. I just feel that it wouldn’t be believable. Not sure what they plan on with Lesnar though.

  • Dustyn

    Here’s what I think the card could look like/what I would like to see for WrestleMania:

    Rock vs Cena – WWE Championship

    Alberto Del Rio vs Randy Orton – World Heavyweight Championship

    The Undertaker vs CM Punk

    Triple H vs Brock Lesnar

    Chris Jericho vs Dolph Ziggler (depending what happens with the MITB briefcase)

    Ryback vs Big Show OR Ryback in a handicap match (The Shield?)

    A MITB Ladder Match or another Multi-Man match

    A Divas Championship match

    Intercontinental and/or US Championship match either on the main card OR the pre-show


    If Team Hell No breaks up, have them turn on each other at Elimination Chamber and drop the tag-titles. Have a tag team tournament leading up to WM, where Team Rhodes Scholars vs Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara could take place, thus, having Kane vs Daniel Bryan.

    Another possibility could be Rey Mysterio vs Sin Cara.

    I know WWE wanted to do that world record for most people wearing masks at one time, so they could do that in either of the above matches.

  • thebops

    So, we knew the Spanish Announce Table was not sturdy when Kofi tried to jump off it but still attempted to let the Rock ‘Rock Bottom’ Punk on the same table??

  • dragonicbeast

    my wrestlemania card Rock vs Brock 2 wwe champion

    ziggler vs john cena vs del rio World heavyweight champion
    CM punk vs Undertaker
    Sheamus vs Randy Orton
    Kane vs Daniel Bryan
    Ryback vs Big Show
    Miz vs Heath Slater United states champion
    Wade Barret vs Zack Ryder or Justin Gabriel Interconternential champion
    Chris Jericho vs Antonio Cesaro
    Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs Team Rhodes Scholars Tag Team Titles

  • Pluto

    I was looking forward too a potential Austin/Punk match up. Would of been nice too see Austin return to put Punk over but it doesn’t look likely now. But Punk/Taker is a solid back up plan.

  • Winnipeg

    They should turn the real life CM Punk & Randy Orton beef into something that we seen between Matt Hardy and Edge. Bring some backstage realism on-screen!

  • Michael

    Why have Ziggler eliminate Jericho if they want him to face Ryback. They should’ve had Ryback eliminate him, have Jericho turn heel then he beats Alberto for the world title. Ryback wins a number one contenders match and beats Jericho at mania.

  • Come on Richard. Instead of being negative about the spot can we at least give Kofi credit for having the wherewithal to come up with the chair spot? If that had been Daniel Bryan I’m sure you would have been marking out over that.

  • John

    If the plan was for Kingston to jump from the table back to the ring, then surely they would’ve practised it beforehand in order to make sure he could do it, because that is a pretty big distance to jump.
    Initially i thought that was the plan & he had to improvise when he realised he wouldn’t make it. However when the camera panned out a little & you could see the actual distance between the table & the ring, i thought their was no way he was supposed to jump that distance so i assumed that the chair-hop was the legit plan.

  • EricDraven86

    Pretty good ppv overall. Rock vs Punk finish could have been more creative, but it wasn’t a bad match by any means.

    Anyone else feel like The Rock was completely ripping off Dusty Rhodes in his pre-match promo? I was waiting to hear about these hard times blues…

  • If anything Kofi used his head & came up with an idea at last minute to get back in the ring with the chair shot. You critisize too much, cause you don’t see the logic in it. /but it managed to get over with everybody else but you Richard. I think you lost touch of the fun part of wrestling which that was.