Kofi Kingston's Friendship With CM Punk, Smackdown Rating

Kofi's Friendship With CM Punk

The latest episode of "Behind the Match" will feature Kofi Kingston discussing Team Kingston vs. Team Orton from Survivor Series 2009. A preview trailer, with Kofi discussing his friendship with CM Punk, is online at this link.

Smackdown Rating

Last week's post-Extreme Rules episode of WWE Smackdown did a 1.86 cable rating on SyFy. We reported on Tuesday the show drew an average viewing audience of 2,465,000 viewers.

  • Mark J.

    It seems all too obvious that Punk will not officially appear at the Payback PPV. WWE wouldn’t book Punk as a heel, returning to thunderous applause in his hometown, against Jericho as a face. The question I have, Richard, is why would they waste a paid appearance by Jericho, just to pull off such theatrics?

    • Xavier

      I think this could be a way to jump start a Punk/Axel feud maybe. Axel taking out Punk in the locker room and Axel taking Punk’s place in the match could be a possibility

      • sir-rusty82

        Wow you guys give creative way to much credit, you all know its just gonna be Jericho vs Punk at Payback Punk might be at raw the week before & Punk will stay a heel & there will be no dramatic changes & ofcourse he will come to his hometown to once again prove that he is the best in the world