Kofi's Big Win, WWE Network Assures TV Clearance, Subscription Questions, Kane Finished Wrestling?

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With Kofi Kingston going over Randy Orton on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw, do you see WWE giving him an opportunity at the top of the card?

The story that Kofi Kingston's victory over Randy Orton on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw told was that it was a "fluke that enraged" the WWE World Heavyweight Champion enough to "seriously injure" John Cena's father. The booking was not meant to convey an elevation of Kofi, although a clean victory over the current champion on television never hurt anyone. Kofi Kingston is a great talent; he's someone that I've had the opportunity to interview. He handles himself well outside of the ring and has the ability to get over as both a babyface and a heel. He has all the tools for a bigger role but I haven't heard of any immediate plans.

Will WWE air the Hall of Fame Ceremony in its entirely on the WWE Network the night before Wrestlemania XXX?

If I had to guess, I would guess that WWE will air the Hall of Fame Ceremony live on the WWE Network. I haven't heard any plans as of this writing but it only makes sense. WWE has streamed the ceremony [in its entirety] live on dot com before so I couldn't imagine why they wouldn't want to utilize the WWE Network for more exclusive live programming. One thing the WWE Network will give the company moving forward is guaranteed television clearance whenever they want it, which only helps them when negotiating TV contracts. Up until this point, WWE has been at the mercy of the networks because it would be catastrophic if they would lose domestic television clearance.

Will a separate subscription be required for each device to utilize the WWE Network?

One WWE Network subscription gets you access on all devices. For example, if you purchase your subscription on your computer, you can enter your username and password on the WWE App and be able to watch on your phone.

Is Kane finished wrestling?

No, Kane is still an active wrestler with a Performer's Contract in WWE. He still routinely works matches on live events and his role as a member of The Authority is just his current storyline direction.

From the Ask WNW vault…

December 2008: I recently read that Jim Ross was impressed with the work of Sheamus O'Shaunessy down in FCW. I've been a fan of his work and gimmick for quite a long time now and was wondering what your thoughts are on him and also if there are any plans to call him up to one of the 3 main rosters? - I think that Sheamus is very talented with an excellent look. I haven't seen much of his work on the mic, so I cannot judge him there. Sheamus is exactly what Vince McMahon is looking for in terms of size as he is 6'6, 290 lbs. He recently dropped the FCW Heavyweight Championship but he held it for almost 3 months. Do not be surprised if he gets called him soon although I have not heard any concrete plans.

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  • Mike McCarthy

    Kofi Kingston can get over as a heel? Not trying to be disrespectful but when has he ever even worked as a heel?

    • T-Zone

      Yes Kofi has worked heel on the indies for Chaotic Wrestling. I believe there’s a Youtube vid of him cutting a promo in some desert area. Could surprise you.

    • Edited for clarity. The point is Kofi rates high on look, in-ring work and mic ability. He has everything needed to carve out a bigger role on WWE programming.

  • isaac

    Richard if zigglet wasn’t injured would it had been him getting the victory on orton

    • Mysterion

      Quick Richard! Reach into your crystal ball of booking!

  • monty

    issue is what it has been since Attitude era ended, now we get one storyline at the main event level and none at all in mid card matches. why is it that IC title and US title don’t get more storyline matches

    IC title use to be the measure to see if a performer can handle the big titles

    Side Note:

    with batista coming back and winning the RR i hope daniel bryan doesn’t get lost in the shuffle this WM. He needs to have his moment. He deserves to win the Title but Vince will have one of his bigger guys like cena,batista or lesner win

    HBK vs DB
    or UnderTaker vs DB–DB looses this in a close bout so throughout the next year he prepares himself for a rematch. Take want no part of it but somehow DB gets a rematch at WM 31 and in a 30 minutes iron man match and wins

    Take retires next time on raw while shaking DB’s hand

    but before anything Vince needs to sign DB to a long term contract, its not like DB wins than in few years he leaves.

    right now if anyone deserves to end the streak its DB but not WM30

    • Jbreed

      Daniel Bryan needs to stay away from The Undertaker. Sure a match vs. The Undetaker it would put Bryan in the limelight but in the end it will be all about The Undertaker and Bryan would be just another victim of the streak. It would kill any momentum Bryan has going right now.

  • Guest

    Daniel Bryan needs to stay away from The Undertaker. Sure a match vs. The Undetaker it would put Bryan in the limelight but in the end it will be all about The Undertaker and Bryan would be just another victim of the streak. It would kill any momentum Bryan has going right now.

    • 1molly23

      Bryan vs The Undertaker would not kill Bryan’s momentum, Bryan is more over than any wrestler I’ve ever had the opportunity to see – and my ‘rasslin years go way, way back – Bryan vs The Undertaker would only add to his being over whether he won or lost the match. I’m only guessing but I think no one wants to see ‘Taker’s WM streak end. ‘Taker has given his all to pro-wrestling and has earned the right to retire on his terms. If ‘Taker wins or loses at WM, it should be his choice.

      • Mysterion

        They can’t go that far back dude? Austin, Rock, Hogan, Macho Man…?

        • 1molly23

          Dusty Rhodes, Bruno Sammartino, Dominic DeNucci…

  • Bob’s Diner

    Why do people keep asking Richard questions about the WWE Network?
    It isn’t like he is running it – try WWE, maybe?
    All the answers to questions like today’s can be found either in their statement or in the FAQ on their website.

    • Sometimes people would like to deal directly with a person rather than thumb through a Q&A document. While I certainly do not work for WWE, I’ve covered the network for over 4 years. I feel I’m more than qualified to answer questions about the Network because I’ve been on every call and covered every aspect inside and out.

      • Bob’s Diner

        I totally wasn’t trying to say you aren’t qualified to answer, I just think people are expecting you to handle everything for them so they don’t have to load 1 or 2 pages on wwe.com. It isn’t hard to do – especially since you even posted the FAQ here – and I’m sure your time can be spent on better things

        • Nah I didn’t think that at all. I just wanted to explain why I was answering. No worries.

          • Venom

            I think the hall of fame question was fine. Plus it is something that aired in USA. But there have been previous askWNW where the questions have been covered elsewhere. In fact I think the night after the network press conference every question the next day was about the network which was already covered in the site.

          • Bob’s Diner

            That wasn’t the question I was referring to – because that was a valid question. I was talking about the question as to whether or not you have to buy it for multiple devices, or other questions like how much it costs, etc. I absolutely understand Richard answering the questions, as well as the questions being asked for the next couple of days. But here we are a week later and people are still asking Richard simple questions he has already covered

          • Venom

            Oh I wasn’t disagreeing with u. I knew u went referring the hall of fame question as I know it was valid. But believe it or not I like reading the askWNW and the other sites Q&As. I just felt the few days after the wwe network press conference there were too many questions on the askWNW section that were answered already. It kind of feels like the we’re there 2 ultimate warriors or 2 Kane questions. They should just be ignored.

  • Aaron

    Having a video autoplay on the side of the page is not a good idea.

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      • Some Fan

        Well, like it or not, those kinds of ads are extremely grating and drive people away.

        Nobody wants to have to listen to that crap while they read, stop reading, go pause the video, and go back and find their place.

        • We are not trying to drive people away but we do provide alternatives. You can always mute the video.

          • Tim

            Or just use the mobile app

    • Tom

      It got annoying for me.. that’s why Adblock Plus pretty much works to my advantage here.. I had whitelisted this site because I wanted to make sure Richard got money from advertising.. Least I can do… but when it gets intrusive like that, I have to switch it on.. There are just various lines of bs I can put up with, and that auto playing video crossed mine. It is very jarring.

  • Tim

    I’m hoping Kane winds up beating up Maddox therefore losing the corporate job and becoming a wrestler again. There is not enough Kane one tv.

  • JR Texx (Jamie)

    The Hall of Fame is part of Wrestlemania weekend is it not? So I couldn’t see why they wouldn’t include it