Konnan Accuses WWE Of Racism, Says He Talked To Alberto Del Rio, Tweets Cody Barbierri, 'Free' Rey Mysterio

Former WCW star Konnan is drawing attention for posts made on social media. In response to WWE firing Alberto Del Rio, Konnan says racism has always been rampant. He's also Tweeting the hashtag #FreeRey, which of course is in reference to Rey Mysterio.

Below are the highlights:

When asked if the termination of Alberto Del Rio is a work, Konnan said he's talked to Del Rio and racism is "still rampant":

Konnan also Tweeted Cody Barbierri, the WWE employee that Del Rio allegedly slapped, telling him not to think "this is over":

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  • Zack

    Konan is just throwing stones because he can get some attention for doing so. Threatening a WWE employee, guilty of the actions we have read or not, is tasteless and thuggish. Konan isn’t even a has-been, he is a never-was. People hardly remember him and actions like this are part of the reason he didn’t go further in his career.

    • devanshkotak

      he said he talked to del rio. u cant just say that in public if its a lie. also if del rio lied to him in both cases konan is in trouble. if wwe doesnt do anything most probably its true

      • Mysterion

        Why can’t you? I just spoke to Pope Benedict and assaulted an angry penguin. I managed just fine. You overestimate the honesty of people man.

        • devanshkotak

          lol relax bro..

          • Mysterion

            I’m perfectly relaxed yo. I’m laid out on me bed haha. I was just saying just because Konnan said it it doesn’t make it true. It fact I feel some level of obligation to assume Konnan is lying haha

          • devanshkotak

            lol ya maybe he is. but is the temporary heat worth risking a lawsuit for falsely quoting del rio or defaming WWE? i would have sued his ass off cause it would have mainly struck the dirtsheets for spreading rumors. 😛

  • MadDawg

    Well, I wonder if “There’s no such thing as bad publicity” applies in this situation.

  • jdl

    Ironically Konnan is probably one of the biggest racists in wrestling. He spews hate for other races, most often whites and occasionally blacks, on a regular basis. Del Rio assaulted a coworker, he’s lucky he’s not in prison, Rey has spent so much time injured that he owes WWE time on his contract. Ricardo couldn’t meet the standards required of him to be allowed to perform as a wrestler. Last I checked assault, injuries and obesity were not linked to your race. Of the three only Del Rio’s can be in any way traced back, however the actual release is due to his behavior and not his race or nation of birth.

    • Mysterion

      It’s a bit if a stretch to say he’s lucky he’s not in prison. He bitch slapped someone. He didn’t beat him half to death.

      • Smark Twain

        I’m pretty sure he meant jail as not a lot of people know the difference between jail and prison. But if that were to happen, it would be extremely ironic how Steph just did an angle going to jail for slapping Brie.

        • jman72485

          My opinion I’m glad Cody got what was coming to him. Good for Del Rio sticking up pa la raza. If I was in his shoes I’d proabably do the same. It sucks he was let go though. That’s what I don’t get. I mean yea he hit a guy but the other dude Cody started it by making that offensive remark. He should’ve been fired and Del Rio should at least been fined or something…

          • Smark Twain

            That’s the part I also don’t understand but I’m guessing since Del Rio wasn’t well liked backstage from the beginning, they just jumped right on his ass for this. As someone on here said before, maybe he should have crapped in a divas bag. Backstage politics at it’s finest.

          • jman72485

            That’s true bro

          • Bob’s Diner

            You can bet if Randy Orton slapped someone backstage, WWE would deny it ever happened – they wouldn’t go posting all sorts of anger on twitter

          • J Vomkrieg

            Didn’t Big Show do something similiar to a reporter a while back?

      • jdl

        Do you honestly believe that’s all there is to it? They fired him, it had to be worse than a slap, as if it was only a slap then that’s a gross overreaction.

  • Bryan N.

    He makes a good point because there’s been subtle and blatant instances of racism in the industry. There’s no denying that. But the bit that catches me is “don’t think this over, not by a long shot.” Really?

    The entire situation just reeks of backstage politics taking precedent over how such affairs should typically be handled. But that remark specifically is just furthering this entire thing, and by someone who wasn’t even involved in the first place.

    I think we’re all in agreement that Del Rio was in the wrong for getting physical. This Cody guy sounds like a real piece of trash that somehow is in the good graces of upper management not to lose his job, when he should have been canned with Del Rio in the first place.

  • chris carter

    I feel like Konnan has hate towards WWE because he one of many WWE payed no attention to when they took over WCW and still to this day they have no interest in him….His twitter is ridiculous all he do is complain and complain about the business

  • James

    There’s a great documentary about the industry in the 80’s to early 00’s and konnan then was very illustrated about the blatant racism. Now i’m not saying wwe is at fault, but this wouldn’t be the first time they’ve fired someone to try and cover up something they’ve done. (Also what’s with the WNW site? very like glitch/laggy and Disqus isn’t working)

    • packerpf

      weird, went on another one of WNW’s stories and was able to log in with my disqus

  • Venom

    I don’t disagree with konan in he should give Cody crap and I hope he’s getting harassed on twitter. But I don’t get the #FreeRey stuff. I don’t get it. He wants his friend who sits at home 10 months a year cause he’s injured and getting paid to get fired???

    • Bob’s Diner

      No Rey wants out and Konnan wants him for the AAA/El Rey tapings. They were hoping he would have been released by now, hence he is sitting at home doing nothing – ergo, #FreeRey

  • Stephen Heim

    Who’s to say that this hadn’t happened before? There may have been other situations happen that Joe Public DOESN’T know about. Del Rio even said himself that he was an asshole behind the curtain.