Konnan Discusses CMLL's Decision To Replace Mistico When He Left For WWE

- Mist Saint Laurent reporting:

AAA matchmaker Konnan joined Mister Saint Laurent on this week's episode of MLW Radio, available right now at MLW.com. He spoke about CMLL's decision to introduce a new Mistico to replace WWE's Sin Cara.

"Everyone knows who he is. It's a guy called Dragon Lee. He's a young high flyer who is actually very good and does some really wild [stuff], but isn't as polished as Mistico and he's not very well liked even though he's a face in CMLL. One of the reasons is because Mexico City mostly likes heels. Mostly everyone gets booed in Arena Mexico that are babyfaces. He's already getting booed and usually guys, whether it's the guy who took over the Psicosis gimmick or the guy that took over the La Parka gimmick, at the beginning they get a lot of heat from the people because they know they're not the original and people shout [stuff] at them."

"Usually guys that were clones weren't as good as the original guys and this guy isn't going to be the exception. I think that it's CMLL being desperate because nothing they're doing right now is really drawing. They don't really have any real big stars. They have a lot of good young wrestlers and some good veteran wrestlers, but they don't have those stars where you can bring them to a TV station and ask them to do an interview."


  • Dufus

    I wish I knew when Mexican wresting was on because I used to watch it all the time. I never understood what was being said but liked Mexican wresting.

  • ZackPack

    He isn't as polished as Mistico? Wow, he must really suck.

    • Razmos01

      Have you seen Sin Cara matchs from when he was Mistico, if not you clearly should maybe your opinion will change, the guy is amazing when wrestling against other lucha libres

      • Aldin94

        I agree

    • unknown

      the lucha style is diversely different than the american style. just look up previous matches of his and you will see the different feel between a WWE match and a mexican lucha libre match

  • Dr Mike Lano

    Galavision used to offer 90 min of AAA which was incredible, and another 90 min of CMLL. Then both were off and AAA is looking for a new cable home to hopefully air additionally here in the U.S.(Konnan doing all that work there).
    Galavision is back to having only an hour of CMLL and that's it usually Sat. nights but sometimes pre-empted. Another cable channel that Comcast, etc carries is Canal 52(Channel 52) which airs CMLL's one hour Guerreros Del Ring show but dropped the better 30 minute full recap Ras de Luna program which was also Saturdays. That's it for the REAL lucha on U.S. cable sadly. Not sure if Ras is still in production at all, but it would spotight Lyger and the great Japanese female wrestlers when they'd tour CMLL.-Dr Mike