Konnan Issues Statement On Rey Mysterio

Someone, somewhere speculated that Rey Mysterio's absence from WWE was Wellness-related, prompting former WCW star Konnan to issue a statement on MLW Radio.

"Somebody seems to think that Rey was suspended for the wellness policy. Absolutely incorrect. He is dealing with a family situation right now and he does have permission to be out. They know what's going on and he will be back soon. He is not injured. He doesn't have any drug issues - and I'm not covering for him because he's my boy… but he's cool, he'll back soon."

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  • Ugh! It’s been stated on WWE TV a number of times that Rey is out dealing with personal family issues. It pisses me off when people speak out of turn over something as dangerous as this. Yes, Rey is a public figure, but he also deserves family time without people pointing fingers. If Rey had a Wellness violation, the WWE would announce it, otherwise people need to back off!

    Nice to see Max Moon, I mean Konnan, step up for his friend. It seems that friendship can be fleeting in this industry.


    • disqus_lEraYbJKtA

      Besides that, if it were a wellness issue, he would be fired.

    • Kenneth

      I’m not saying that either you or the WWE are being dishonest but just because something’s been stated numerous times on WWE TV doesn’t mean that it’s true. The WWE has covered for things by announcing other things on TV so many times in its history that you can’t really blame some fans for not taking the WWE’s word at face value.
      In this case Rey might not had had a wellness violation, and I don’t think he has, but he could, theoretically, have a minor injury that they’re covering for by claiming ‘personal family issues’. Considering Rey’s tendency to get injured these days it’s a perfectly legitimate suspicion for people to have.
      Until Rey says something ‘official’ about his personal family issues people will draw on past experiences and past behaviours and speculate. It’s simple human nature. I’m not saying I agree with it – personally if I had a personal family problem I’d want to keep it secret too – but it doesn’t change how it is.