Konnan Responds To Kurt Angle's Twitter Rant Regarding Vince McMahon Sending Him Flowers

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- Mister Saint Laurent reporting:

AAA matchmaker Konnan has launched his new weekly podcast, MLW's Konnan Show presented by Masked Republic's LuchaShop.com. A variety of topics were discussed this week and Konnan even had some surprise callers, including AAA star Teddy Hart. Konnan had previously appeared on MLW Radio and told a story about how Kurt Angle had claimed to him that Vince McMahon mails flowers to Angle every week with a note asking Angle to return to WWE. Kurt Angle recently responded on Twitter and accused Konnan of lying. Konnan had this to say about Angle's twitter rant:

"All I can say is that it did happen. Obviously, when people are embarrassed or don't remember, they're going to refute it. If we can get him on the show one day, I'll say it to him over the phone. There's no problem. He did tell me that. He said, 'Yeah man, Vince McMahon sends me flowers every week hoping for me to come back.' I was just thinking to myself, yeah right."

You can listen to MLW's Konnan Show presented by Masked Republic's LuchaShop.com for FREE at www.MLW.com and on iTunes (search: KONNAN SHOW) and syndicated via www.Stitcher.com

Other topics include:

-Konnan's thoughts on the fake Konnan Twitter account

-Court Bauer makes a cameo to catch up with Teddy Hart about H2 and more

-Andre the Giant and Yokozuna wrestling in Mexico

-What wrestling companies can learn from successful companies like Nike

-The concussion epidemic in sports

-What is was like for Teddy Hart to be a contracted WWE wrestler at the age of 17

MLW's Konnan Show is part of the MLW Radio Network and a new episode is available every Monday on www.MLW.com. New episodes of MLW Radio are available every Thursday and this week the guest on MLW Radio will be none other than THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR.

  • jdl

    Flowers? Seriously, that's the best Angle can come up with?

  • stoney

    The delusional ego of Kurt Angle

  • christopher525

    Konnan knows better, even HE understands how Vince McMahon works and that he isn't going to kiss ANYONE'S ass about coming back, especially Angle.

  • Maz

    Wwe don’t need kurt Angle, if they did they can just build jack swagger to be the new Angle

    • Brandon

      even better; Angle with a lisp. LOL

  • Hunter

    Swagger the new Angle? Really? Really? Really? Lmao

  • John Strunbull

    This is funny. Like WWE really going to die if Angle was leaving. No, actually. Thanks to Angle left WWE in 2006, we got new and strongly build main eventers like Orton, Edge, Jeff Hardy and CM Punk. Who knows, maybe if Angle still in WWE now he would've hog the spotlight and refuse to put over other talents. Just my 2 cents.

  • PhilT81

    I really like Kurt Angle and think he is a great worker and gives 110% and is willing to help out others – but it does sound like the sort of thing he would say. He and Scott Steiner are quite similar that way.

  • Tom

    No no no, Kurt you got it all wrong… Vince doesnt want you back in the WWE.. they want the "infamous cowboy hat" back in the WWE. Ya see they wanna do a backstage bit with Hornswaggle, R-Truth and John Laurinaitis.

  • Ricky Valdez

    Would love to see angle return were he belongs and feud with shaemus, would be classic

  • Robert olley

    Admittedly angle vs Bryan would be match of the century.