Kurt Angle Admits TNA Pays Him Very Well, Main Event Push Coming

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Kurt Angle did an interview with Brandon Baxter to promote the 3/28 Impact Wrestling taping in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Below are the highlights:

  • Angle opened the interview by talking about the IOC dropping wrestling from the Olympics. He said he thought the decision was embarrassing.
  • He discussed breaking into professional wrestling and taking his time to learn the craft. Angle said he doesn't feel he's earned the tag the best wrestler of all-time. He said it's too early even though he's thirteen years in.
  • Angle said his biggest accomplishment is making his opponents look better. He said titles aren't important to him. He said there were times in WWE and have been times in TNA where he was put with newer talent to make them look better than they are.
  • He said the growth is what makes him want to stay with TNA Impact Wrestling. He said "thank God" they're going on the road rather than staying in Universal Studios. Angle admitted he's paid extremely well and TNA is getting ready to put the rockets under him again.

You can listen to the full interview at this link or in the video embedded below:

  • soulfool

    Angle is at the top of the wrestling chain…even more so than guy’s like Triple H , The Rock , John Cena , etc !!! He carried TNA for like 3-4 years , and helped establish guys like Samoa Joe , and Aj Styles !!!

    • Batman

      Samoa Joe established Samoa Joe. AJ Styles established AJ Styles. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

      • soulfool

        Look , Asswhole…Before Kurt came along…TNA only had a minor foothold on the industry !!! So , Go Blow !!!

  • Abyss need to come back as a monster to the main event

  • Nick Riviera

    Kurt has proven himself to be a TNA guy through and through! I lobby for him to be TNA champ again!

  • B-Swagg

    Kurt Angle is the real Best In The World!