Kurt Angle Apologizes For Comment Made About Steve Austin & Shawn Michaels, Doesn't Understand Why He Has To Be Politically Correct

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- Kurt Angle went on a rampage on Twitter last night. During the rampage, he Tweeted that it only took him a year to become a main eventer in WWE when it took Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels fifteen. Angle apologized for the comment today:

Apparently Angle removed the controversial Tweet and while there were others, I thought this one was pretty funny:

  • John

    Angle needs to stop with the TWI – Tweeting While Impared.

    • Ricky Valdez


  • Ice Cold The Fake Austin

    that tweet

    makes it official. Angle will never wrestle in a wwe ring again

  • MsMojoRisin

    hes an idiot anyways it didnt take hbk 15 years it didnt take stone cold 15 years neither FACT

    • Oldfanmike

      It took about 7 years for Steve to hit it big

  • He can wrestle in front of 800 indifferent tourists at Universal Studios instead, I’ve given up on seeing Kurt in a WWE ring now.

  • Dave Barton

    Kurt needs his head examined. The things he’s said & done in the last few years has me worried.

  • Samuel andersen

    It took hbk 4-7 years to become THE main event but it took stone cold 6 years so angle shot himself in the foot even after they both praised him in their books

    • Oldfanmike

      Hbk wrestled for years before he went to the wwe and he spent at least 5 years as a mid card

  • Travis

    “It took them fifteen years” haha. They are now two of the greatest of all time and you’re wrestling in TNA. Get over yourself.

  • ryan

    angle couldnt handle wwe so he had to run to a theme park with the rest of the losers VINCE RULZ WWE 4-LIFE

  • Paul

    Angle was pushed quickly because he is an Olympic gold medalist, if he had gone to pro wrestling to start with and not the Olympics it wouldn’t have been the case.

  • havoc525

    Excessive concussions, drugs, alcohol, you name it, Kurt’s dealt with it. If examined, I bet his brain is on par with a 60-70 year old. He’s the next Benoit.

  • Steve l

    I dont see why he felt the need to apoligize. It wasnt meanspirited or personal it was just an arrogamt heel thing to say.

  • iamjohnnymcb

    let me guess, he was hacked again

  • Mike

    He's got a good point about not wanting to have to be politically correct though. There's way too much of that going around these days.

  • Stoney

    any hopes of Kurt going back to WWE are down the drain

  • AB4

    The "politically correct" Tweet is a weak excuse. He's entitled to his opinion and to speak out on Twitter as he sees fit, but if he's going to spout egotistical nonsense and complete rubbish, he can expect to get called out on it. Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from criticism, nor does having the right to say something mean that it's automatically right or a good thing to say.

    • Joe

      Well said! That statement is true in most cases. Yes you have the right to say what you want, but others also have the right to not agree.

  • Noel

    Great wrestler. Probably one of the best of all-time but did he really need to make an idiot of himself by dissing others? The two he dissed happened to be legends so thats not going to win him any friends. Besides, as someone said before, Angle is in TNA now. You could argue that Angle's decline didn't take as long as Austin and HBK's rise.

  • JMG

    To the guy who compared Angle to Benoit: just shut up. None of us know the whole story regarding the Benoit situation, all we know is that years of steroids and blows to the head/concussions contributed to it. To say Angle is the next Benoit is the most idiotic and ignorant thing I’ve ever heard. Just shut up.

  • Aj

    Get over yourselfs kurt angle is a much better in ring performer then both these guys! He has a better look! And he has better mic skills!

    • thefen

      What are you smoking. Michaels was a better all round performer than Angle. I'm not saying Kurt was bad, he wasn't but HBK was THAT good.

    • Fan Fan

      LOL. C'mon man! No, Shawn got a better look than Kurt and no, Shawn go better mic skills than Kurt. We all know how good looking he is when he's the cover of a Playgirl magazine. Mic skills? Angle only got a few points in his promo; the only Olympic gold medalist in pro-wrestling and he's wrestling with a broken f'rickin neck.

      • Kristin – Jodi, I love them!!! You and Kurt continue to amaze me with erehytving you all do! It was so much fun working with you all again and the water wasn’t that bad ; )

    • Anand

      Are you kidding me? Kurt is a better in ring performer than HBK? Better mic skills than Stone Cold?

      Both of them are better than Kurt at half their skill level.

  • richy

    i wonder if austin or michaels said anything about kurt that hurt his feeling, if they would apologize for it. oh wait they don't need to watch their mouths to keep their jobs. angle needs to quit complaining about others accolades and go back to working on building more of his own.

  • Bryan

    Theres a difference between being politically correct and having respect. While he was a main eventer in WWE, he never had…or ever will have the drawing power than Steve and Shawn had. Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels are legends in the business and will never be forgotten, while no one that was around during the Attitude era will remember Kurt. I think, if anything, these comments are made out of jealousy. Now…dont get me wrong, Kurt is one of the best technical wrestlers of all time, I am NOT denying that. But he was never as big as a star as Stone Cold and HBK. He should show a little more respect.

  • John Strunbul

    You're right Kurt. They retired and become legends from a world-known company while you still wrestles in a theme park. You are better Kurt. Well said.

  • Michael

    If Kurt Angle wants to get technical, Sheamus was a champion/main event in 4 months.

  • Aldo T

    This is just me personally, but I feel as though both Michaels and Austin were some of the most charismatic personalities of their respective generation.

    I'm more than sure that many people tuned in back in the 80s and 90s to see Michaels and what he had up his sleeves.

    And the same can be said for Austin for the 90s and 00s.

    But if Angle wants to run his mouth like an idiot, then let him. We've seen that he takes his whole Twitter account to the negative level and is only making himself look bad in the future.

    Personally, I feel bad for the guy because he knows that people will talk less and less about him, and he needs something like this to keep his name out there and try to proclaim himself as the "best".

  • Stav

    Go Kurt! I’m supporting you 100%

  • Jose

    Wow how childish from the man I idolize