Kurt Angle Believes Lesnar Never Got Back To 100% After Illness; Won't Rule Out Return To WWE

The Daily Star has a new article online featuring quotes from Kurt Angle. Below are the highlights:

Brock Lesnar's final UFC fights; subsequent return to WWE:

“His last two fights, it wasn’t really the true Brock I know. I believe he never got back to 100% after his illness. He did the fights for the money. Don’t get me wrong, the other guys were awesome.

“He knew he was going back to WWE. Brock was as good an amateur wrestler as he was a pro-wrestler. As good as he was a pro-wrestler, he was just as good a pro footballer. As good as he was a footballer, he was just as good an MMA fighter. I’ve had the privilege of working a main event at Mania with him and I’ve sparred with him.

“Brock’s athleticism and wits amaze me. He has the whole package. He’s a marketer’s dream – one of a kind.”

Not ruling out a return to WWE:

“I’m really happy [in TNA]. It’s why I signed a long-term deal a year ago. The number one question I get asked is: When are you going back to WWE? I don’t plan on it but I never say no. I am treated well. I have more freedom to do other things too, so it’s a win-win for me and for Impact Wrestling.

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  • jdl

    He says that like WWE would want him back. Angle is a drug addicted alcoholic with bad knees, a temper and a very skewed moral compass. He's been caught driving drunk, stalking an ex-girlfriend and in general he's just a few tacos short of a fiesta platter these days. He's a liability for a company like the WWE.

    • tna

      dont be so naive ,they obviously would take him back as they have hired less famous wrestlers that have done worse things than kurt..

      • jdl

        And he would be fired almost immediately, as there is no way he could function clean. His renewed WWE career would go like this: "Kurt Angle has returned to Monday Night Raw!" *next week* "Kurt Angle has been suspended for 30 days for his fist violation of WWE's Wellness Policy." *30 days later* "Angle is back!" *a month later* "Kurt Angle has been suspended for 60 days due to his second violation of WWE's Wellness Policy." *60 days later* "Kurt Angle has been released by WWE for his third violation."

        The guy can't hack it, he's a shell of what he once was and has admitted to having problems with drinking and pain killers.

    • _JIM_

      If that’s all true than every other wrestler should be ashamed of themselves. Because if a guy with that many issues and problems can be by far the best in ring performer in either company something is wrong.

      • jdl

        Angle today compared to Angle during his last run with WWE is almost night and day. He's a shell of what he once was. You're also kidding yourself if you think he can outwork a guy like Daniel Bryan, Samoa Joe, CM Punk or AJ Styles.

        Besides, so long as you're not going to the ring drugged into a stupor like Jeff Hardy, or hammered like Waltman, being a high quality wrestler is not an accomplishment for Angle. His behavior outside of the ring is worrisome to say the least.

  • havoc525

    Considering Brock pretty much said himself the illness is what changed him, and forced him out, I think Kurt’s a bit late on this one.

  • _JIM_

    WWE would take Kurt back on a Legend’s deal. Nothing more due to his age and his neck. The WWE wouldn’t let Kurt compete in their ring due to his neck problems IMO. Isn’t that one of the reasons that he left WWE in the first place? I thought he failed some sort of physical or somethin when they were negotiating when his contract was coming up. Maybe I have it confused with somebody else but for some reason I’m convinced this happened to Kurt.

  • Sjenttivensventa

    I remember the spitting milk segment with the two years ago it was great