Kurt Angle Comments On Post-Wrestlemania Role

There have been theories ranging all over the place regarding Kurt Angle's future following this year's Hall of Fame ceremony from feuds with Rusev to a role as the new RAW General Manager. Kurt commented on the situation in an interview with Wrestling News Hub Magazine:

“For me, I had not taken a physical, but if I do I would imagine I would pass. The fact is, they just wanted me just for Hall of Fame, strictly, and they would talk to me afterward. That is all the word I have gotten. I’m okay with that. If the Hall of Fame is the last thing I do, then I’m cool with that. If they do decide to work with me and in more of an ambassador role or GM role or coach or manager role or even wrestling, I’m fine with that. If it was wrestling, I’d be willing to do that. I’ve always wanted to finish my career in WWE,and at the very least I have the Hall of Fame to look forward to. There is nothing confirmed for after the Hall of Fame. Yes, we can speculate, but that is all it is.”


  • ROB-1.

    Having Kurt as the new GM of Raw would be nice.

  • Dave Barton

    So it’s a swerve….he’s facing Brock on the Raw after WM for the Universal Title!

  • He’s likely “working”. There’s probably more planned for him.